Science "accepts" amulets

In the course of thousands of years, superstitious people have been carrying amulets and talismans with them in order to protect themselves from evil spirits.

Skeptics regard such objects as pure rubbish while true believers sincerely think that a tiny pebble or a piece of wood is really capable of protecting a person from evil spirits and bring luck. Recent scientific studies however proved the existence of amulet's power. The studies revealed that an amulet can really “work” in the hands of a true believer.

There exist myriad of spells, amulets, talismans and lucky charms in various cultures. Talismans are considered to be integral counterparts not only in Pagan cultures but in Christian cultures as well. Tattooed crosses, icons and parts of the Sacred Land are all talismans and amulets which are treasured with respect.

In Islam for instance, a picture of Fatima's hand (sister of the Prophet Muhammad) served as the protection charm. In Buddhism and Hinduism various objects tend to serve as amulets and talismans. In Judaism for instance, the famous David's cross (a six speared star) is the main talisman.

A group of scientists from the Hertfordshire University decided to test from a scientific stand point the overall effectiveness of various amulets. The research was conducted under the direction of psychology Professor Richard Weissman. As a result, scientists were able to conclude that talismans and amulets do in fact “work”, but only in the hands of true believers.

100 people participated in the experiment. Each one of them was given a penny of Victorian embossing. It is believed that this coin brings luck and helps in multiplying one's fortune. In the course of one month, volunteers had been marking the level of day's luck. As it turned out, about 30% of all the participants gained self confidence and calmness. More so, those people discovered that they had been luckier at work with their talismans than without them. They claim that their luck doubled after they started carrying the lucky penny.

People susceptible to different sorts of superstitions have all acknowledged talisman's magnificent qualities. Some skeptics however participating in the same experiment remarked no substantial changes in their luck.

Nonetheless, 70% of the same group of volunteers expressed their strong desire in continuing to carry the lucky penny with them at all times, just in case!


Vasily Ukhov
Source: Utro.Ru

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Author`s name Andrey Mikhailov