A Cosmic guard

A new system of planetary protection entitled “Citadel” was developed in Russia. Such guarding system is capable to resist any cosmic dangers. 
Researchers of the scientific Institute (NPO) of Lavochkin invented the system. In their interview to RIA “Novosti” they mentioned recently obtained information about several big meteorites to hit Spain. 
One of the Russian scientists stated that all of the program’s counterparts have been worked out. “We possess nuclear means and a rocket space apparatuses which are capable of destroying such objects or divert them from their initial coordinates,” remarked he.
Also, the scientists agree that the project exists only on paper so far. They are calling out for the world's scientific organization to conduct in-depth studies of asteroid security.
At night from Sunday to Monday a rather strange natural phenomenon has been observed in Northern and North-Western parts of Spain. Several fire balls appeared in the sky above Madrid, Leon, Albaset, and Valencia. Scientists suspect that those could have been big meteorites.
According to Russian experts, about 400 asteroids and 30 comets will threaten our planet Earth in the nearest future. “Their orbits, physical parameters along with their energy levels are all recorded in a catalog of the Institute of Applied Astronomy,” reported Institute’s representative.
Russian Defense Ministry reported in its interview to RIA “Novosti” that currently, Russian system of space control keeps track of more than 9,000 objects on various orbits. “The system tracks such things as working apparatuses, some of which are Russian, some of which are foreign. They also track cosmic trash, such as used rockets’ stairs.”    
“Any large object approaching the earth will obviously be spotted,” stated the interviewee. “Our further actions will only depend on the amount of time left.”
According to one of the representatives of the Institute, “scientists managed to inform 'Mir' space station of more than 60 dangerous objects coming in close proximity with the station.”
The Defense Ministry also agrees that it is quite possible to notice a potentially dangerous object too late. “Taking into account space speeds, such object can easily be missed and later spotted at an incredibly short distance from Earth.” 

Scientists in turn discovered more than twenty large objects which came in dangerously close proximity with the Earth in the past ten years. “In 1996 for instance, we witnessed an ‘alien’ with almost 200 meter diameter. It came as close as 600,000 kilometers, twice as close as the Moon. This is a dangerous distance according to space parameters,” stated our interviewee.
“By the year 2008, scientists will have to be able to calculate the orbits of 90% of all cosmic bodies more than 1 kilometer in diameter,” remarked one of the Institute's representatives. A clash with such object might lead to “a catastrophe with lethal outcome for our civilization.”   

RIA "Novosti"


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Author`s name Andrey Mikhailov