Sensational archaeological find in Russia

Traces of first Home Sapiens discovered by Russian archaeologists

Early humans of Homo Sapiens kind lived in the North Polar region. This data has been confirmed by a profound research conducted by Russian scientist Vladimir Pitulko.

According to his data, early homo sapiens inhabited the North Polar region about 30,000 years ago, in times when Asia was still one with South America, informs Die Welt. The Russian scientist describes how and when those early humans migrated to South America and then to South Africa. 
A team of scientists and researchers leaded by Vladimir Putilko discovered several hundreds of stone spear points along with several spears that date back to 31,000 years. It turns out that such find is twice as old as previously discovered most ancient Arctic finds, writes Science magazine. Until recently, it used to be considered that Arctic had been populated no earlier than 22,000 years ago, when the Ice age was almost over. 

However, the finds discovered by the Russian team of archaeologists of the Russian Science Academy in the region of Yana river in Yakutia on 71 degree of Northern latitude allow us to assume that Arctic region used to be populated even during the Ice age. 

These new discoveries spark new arguments regarding peoples' migration patterns from Siberia all the way to America. Perhaps, those early humans reached America through the Bering channel much earlier than it is commonly presumed. Similarity between Russian spear remains and those of American Indians (Clovis) supports the initial assumption.

Source: NewsRu

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Author`s name Andrey Mikhailov