Russian nuclear engineers will light artificial sun on New Year's Eve

Russian engineers from the Federal nuclear center in Saratov will attempt to light an artificial sun on the Earth.
A powerful explosion has been created by scientists on one of the famous research grounds. Russian engineers managed to create a special magnetic field which is 20 million times more powerful than that of the Earth's. This has been reported by a director of All-Russian scientific research center at the research institute of experimental physics Victor Selemir, reports ITAR-TASS.
According to Selemir, "Such super powerful magnetic fields will allow us to control a thermonuclear reaction, which in turn will become an endless and at the same time pollution-free enerhy source." 

"Our sun is basically a huge thermonuclear reactor. We must first gripe previously heated plasma with extremely powerful magnetic field in a very short period of time (several nanoseconds-a billion part of a second) in order to 'light' our sun prototype," says Selemir. As a result, mechanical energy converts to heated plasma. Temperature reaches 100 million degrees, remarks Selemir. So far, Russian scientists have only managed to reach the gripe in 5 microseconds. The entire research process is scheduled to take place on a specially constructed facility in Saratov.  

They are certain that such thermonuclear electro stations will be our future energy source. "Unlimited amount of isotopic hydrogen in the world's ocean will be used as fuel," notes Selemir.

Source: Newsru

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Author`s name Andrey Mikhailov