Technologies to change our life in 2004

CNN website presented a list of technologies to seriously influence our life in 2004.


1. A new protocol for wireless data transmission, 45 times faster than Wi-Fi standard.

2. Active radio frequency-modulating identification transponders and receivers (RFID for Radio Frequency Identification tags). They are not yet common, but Wal-Mart is going to install them at all its sales departments by 2005.

3. WirelessMAN 802.16 – new standards for urban wireless networks. Data can be transmitted by radio for distances up to 50 kilometers even when the transmitting device is not directly seeable from the receiving point.

4. A Japanese telecommunication company is going to install very powerful and compact batteries into its mobiles. These new elements contain hydrogen or methanol, work much longer and less in size than ordinary ones.

5. Gecko tape. Geckos are known for ability to hang on any kind of surface under any angle, thanks to their microscopic sticky hair. The same principle lies in technology of Gecko tapes. A man in Gecko mittens would be able to climb a skyscraper by the wall.

6. Anti-Spam software. At the present, black lists, keywords and fake emails are searched through to battle spammers. In future senders will have to confirm their identity prior to sending their mail.

7. Organic light diodes. They are much more effective than ordinary ones, need less energy while produce more light. Ideal for mobiles, digital cameras and think monitors.

8. Light diodes lamps. Would work 50 times longer than ordinary lamps and consume 80% less energy.

9. MRAM – Magnetic Random Access Memory. Allows keeping data even when computers are shut down and load data in an instant. Work about 1000 times faster than today’s RAM.

10. Bioinformatics. IBM scientists work on special complex model of protein which would allow to design new medicines with computer modulating.

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Author`s name Olga Savka