"Friendship bracelet" to transmit emotions?

A device attached to one's wrist will allow lovers and friends to exchange emotions. Makers claim that this cool gadget is capable of transmitting emotions without any spoken words. One gentle touch activates the device.
Scientist Eric Paulos came up with the idea after observing couples' interactions in crowded places. "Our main goal was to develop a device that would enable wordless and speechless long distant communication between people," says Eric Paulos.
Intel researchers have noted quite interesting phenomenon of nonverbal communication between close friends/lovers. One can clearly express his/her emotions by means of such device. "Imagine, that you decided to communicate through such 'friendship bracelet' with your partner," states Paulos. "The moment you feel your device received a message, you will know that it can only be from your friend."
A "friendship bracelet" heats up, curves and vibrates. As a result its owner feels a light touch, caress, warmth, coolness, or simply a 'handshake'.

Source: CNews.ru

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Author`s name Andrey Mikhailov