Device for Terrorist Act Prevention Designed in Russia

The inventors say that the device has no analogs in the world
Russian scientists have developed equipment for prevention of terrorist acts. The inventors say that the device has no analogs in the world that is why it has already won the appreciation of domestic and foreign special services. The detector, a radio locator called Rodnik (Spring) designed by the Central Radio Engineering Research Institute, can detect all types of explosives. The radio locator can discover radio-controlled explosive devices with electronic fuses at a distance of several hundreds of meters. The size of the device allows to carry it in a small case.

What is more, testing of small-size portable devices meant for detection of explosives in crowded places is being held. Rodiola, a mobile apparatus for radio-electronic suppression of remote control explosion systems can detect explosives at a distance of up to 10 kilometers, even under the cross-country conditions. Other modifications of Rodiola are portable which allows to enable them under different conditions. 

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Author`s name Michael Simpson