Life on the Earth in 100 Million Years

In several million years human race will die out, and there will be a small amount of fantastic animals left. What kind of animals they will be? Is it possible to draw a picture of the future so many years ahead? 16 scientists solved this problem by producing the documentary series "Wild Future" aired on Discovery Channel, "2000" newspaper says.
The scientists used not only guesses and vivid fantasy. Specialists on wide range of scientific subjects, from Zoology to Geology used the relics of the past for composing the picture of the living nature millions years ahead.
 First the scientists analyzed the changes of the global climate since the ice age. Then they applied the tendencies of the climate changes for the future and made prognoses how the climate transformation will influence our planet biosphere.

In 5 million years
In 5 million years the Earth will be occupied with polar ice. Europe will be covered with a two kilometers wide layer of ice. Polar bears and wolves who currently are on the brink of extinction will have died out by that time. But some other forms of life will adjust themselves to the cold climate conditions.
The shores of the Hybraltare Strait between Europe and Africa will meet each other and the two continents will be connected. The forests of the river Amazon area will die out of the lack of rain, and their area will be covered with grass. Northern America will be a dry desert. Animals able to survive and adjust themselves to the new nature conditions will live there.
Death-gleaner. In 5 million years when the areas of Northern America will be a cold desert, this predator will hunt its victims with the help of wings having two meters in size, big fangs and claws on its paws able to destroy bones.
Snow-stalker. It will live in the cold deserted areas of Europe at the temperature below 50 degrees Celsius.  This is a sabre-toothed wolverine – an ancestor of an ermine and a weasel. However, it is bigger in size and has big fangs for killing its catch.
Creeptail. This species of lizards will be among the scarce amount of creatures to survive in the Mediterranean  Sea area. Creeptails will share the sea area with millions of water flies which will be their only source of food.

In 100 million years
Ice period will have finished by that time because of the volcanic activity. The volcanic gases will cause the greenhouse effect. Melting snow will raise the level of water in lakes and oceans. In the warm climate, most of the continents will be covered with forests. Even Antarctica will be situated in the tropics because of the continent movement and will be covered by the jungle. Mammals will have died out by that time. Scientists believe big animals will appear at that period of time. They called these animals toratons.
Toraton will be the biggest animal which have ever existed in the Earth. It is bigger that the dinosaur. Torraton will have origin from a contemporary tortoise. It will live in the areas of swamps located on the edge of huge lakes. Toraton will weight about 120 tons which is 24 times heavier than a contemporary elephant.
Swampus. An unusual creature – an octopus able live outside the water up to  4 days. Its poisonous sting can kill even toraton.

In 200 million years
The changes of the biosphere will cause all living creatures to lose weight, and every living being will lose up to 80-95 % of its weight. Only few species will survive. The continents will move back to the areas they occupy nowadays. Big areas of the planet will be occupied by the uninhabited desert washed by  the ocean. Some parts of the Earth will be covered with forests and will have rain every day.
Desert hopper. This creature will be able to survive in the uninhabited desert. It will originate from a contemporary snail and will use legs for jumping around the desert to look for scarce vegetation.
Skibbons. A species of crabs. They will live in tropical forests and will move in thickets better than contemporary monkeys. They will be the most intelligent creatures on the Earth after human beings die out. In 200 million years they will be the first to use primitive weapons.

Igor Kulagin

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Author`s name Andrey Mikhailov