Psychological Technologies To Lead to Global Changes

New generation of people will be able to use amazing possibilities of their own mind

Psychological technologies can be used in every field of modern life. National defense, law-enforcement activities, business security - psychotechnologies can be used widely. There is a certain technology, which does not require any wires connected to a person, there is no need to put any headphones on either. Special sensors in an armchair register every reaction of an individual (the muscle contraction). This method is known as the concealed inquiry - a person does not know that he or she is being questioned. It looks like a common conversation, but in fact, one person interrogates the other. Operators in another room see every little change at once.

The new system is much more efficient than outdated lie detectors. The peculiar feature about the new technology - a person does not know anything, it is impossible to fool the machine, like it often happens to lie detectors. There are certain developments, which allow to detect drug dealers and terrorists in airports. Hidden questions will make them nervous at least subconsciously. At present moment, the concealed inquiry method is not in demand in Russia, it only exists as a model. Psychological technologies are currently being used in their simple form - a computer screen and headphones.

Such mind-reading machines can be used to check the people, whose professions stipulate great responsibilities for other people's lives, - pilots, for example. Practically all pilots suffer from sexual problems, all of them have distinct suicidal trends. It does not depend on age - the situation is the same both with 25-year-old pilots and 50-year-old captains. A lot of pilots have problems with alcohol drinks, they are disposed to depression, take stimulating drugs. Passenger aircraft pilots suffer from long-distance flights, time difference, working in tiny cockpits filled with electronic equipment, where they have to breath dry air. 

Psychological technologies allow to help such people: to relieve them of depression and sexual problems. Airlines spend money on the psychological examination of their pilots, but as a rule, they do not spend anything on medical treatment, which is a peculiar feature of the modern market. Banks, for instance, would like to know, if their clerks have anything to do with swindling activities or financial intrigues, if they are connected with criminal organizations, if they have debts, if they are subjected to depression and so on and so forth.

The psychological examination can reveal a secret predisposition or selfish intentions. It helps to see human vices - alcohol, drug addiction or sexual perversion. The use of such technologies can bring a lot of good to the Russian economy. They give an opportunity to guarantee security, safety, to hire excellent personnel.

Psychological correction methods allow to change people, to make them realize the downside of their bad habits and character traits.  Psychological technologies give amazing opportunities to medicine. The human psychology controls the body, and a lot of diseases are connected with various mental disorders. Psychotechnologies may help fight depression, fatigue, stresses, insomnia. They also allow to improve the criminal situation in the society, it is possible to prevent acts of terrorism too.

Professor Igor Smirnov plans to finally develop the psychological resonator. The new machine will give incredible opportunities to people: to contact their conscience. People will be able to amend their inner ego, work on subconsciousnes, settle inner conflicts down, make their will stronger. It will be possible to control body and mind. Everyone knows that people can set astounding records and do incredible things in fear of death. A soldier may sometimes see a flying bullet or a shell during a fierce battle, a fragile woman may become extremely strong when she wants to save her child's life.

There are up to 200 billion neurons in the human brain. The resonator can enable all of them. The psychological power of man has no limits, and the resonator can set it free. The machine would simply relieve the brain of a certain routine. A human being will simply open hidden opportunities. In 1980, Soviet scientists started studying the phenomenon of extrasensory individuals. Woman named Ninel Kulagina could burn a laboratory animal being five meter far from it. Scientists believed, the woman could control the ultrasound energy. The resonator will provide direct access to human memory, possibly to genetic memory too.

People will invent such computers someday. Psychological technologies are the sign of the coming global changes. The humanity is entering the brutal world of globalization. The competition is very strong, sentimental illusions are fading away. The economy of the future is the economy of consciousness. People of better qualities and skills will become outstanding financiers, constructors, managers, pilots and so on. There will be great inventions and great economic progress. In fact, it goes about the new generation of people, who will be able to use amazing possibilities of their own mind.

Professor Igor Smirnov, chairman of his own small institute for psychological technologies, is in greater demand abroad than in Russia. After the collapse of the Soviet Union, the funding of his research was stopped. Igor Smirnov refused to leave for the USA to work, but American scientists are already trying to achieve the same success.

Maksim Kalashnikov

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Author`s name Olga Savka