The Mystery of the Russian Titanic

The mystical wreckage must be connected with discoveries made by Einstein long before the tragedy
The last day of August will always remain the day of an awful tragedy for the Russian passenger fleet forever. In 1986, the Admiral Nakhimov motor ship unmoored from the port of Odessa at 10:00 p.m. accompanied with sounds of music and shining with bright lights. In about an hour the motor ship was wrecked.

At 10:20 p.m., the motor ship was informed that the Pyotr Vasev bulk carrier approached the bay. According to the navigation regulations, the Admiral Nakhimov motor ship was to allow the bulk carrier pass. The bulk carrier's captain Tkachenko reported that his vessel would let the motor ship pass. There was enough place and time for the vessels to manoeuvre.  At 11:05 p.m. Admiral Nakhimov once again asked the bulk carrier to let her pass. Captain Tkachenko once again confirmed his manouevre. But for some reason the vessels still collided at 11:12 p.m. The Pyotr Vasev bulk carrier's bow at the right angle ran into the right board of the motor ship. The bulk carrier immediately tore the board; the breach was 8 meters long and 10 meters high. In 8 minutes after the collision Admiral Nakhimov disappeared under the water surface. On that tragic night the collision claimed lives of 423 people.

On the very first days after the collision the tragedy gave rise to numerous rumors which further developed into legends. It was even rumored that attempts had been made to blow the bulk carrier up; but the rumors seemed strange as the Soviet bulk carrier was as thoroughly guarded. 

A version saying that the KGB might be connected with the tragedy was widely discussed at that time. In fact, head of the KGB regional department in the Odessa Region Major-General Krikunov together with his family died in the collision. However, it wasn't planned originally that the major-general would be on board Admiral Nakhimov; together with the family he was delivered on board the motor ship in a special boat after Admiral Nakhimov had already unmoored from the port. The major-general made the decision to have a trip on board the motor ship unexpectedly when he was still at the Soviet KGB Central Department in Moscow; on the day when the motor ship left the port he still stayed in Moscow.  There were different versions suggested to explain the major-general's death. It was rumored that the death was revenge of a corrupt party nomenclature; that was also said that the major-general was involved into transferring of large-scale contraband; that was also said that he was somehow connected with the investigation of import of military technique through the port of Novorossiisk. It was said that because of the investigation Geydar Aliyev, who was really powerful at that time, came to Novorossiisk the next day after the catastrophe. It is not ruled out that some secret archives still contain the secrets explaining why Major-General Krikunov went a board the motor ship. Does the Pyotr Vasev bulk carrier have anything to do with the whole of the case?   

One of the versions of the tragedy is rather mystical; it claims that the Admiral Nakhimov entered the tragedy because she was named after Russian Admiral Pavel Nakhimov who died on Malakhov Kurgan in 1855. In 1897, the Nakhimov cargo steamer sank near the shores of Turkey. During the Battle of Tsushima in 1905, Japanese fired and downed one more vessel with the name Admiral Nakhimov. In 1992, the Tavria-7 motor ship sank near the Bulgarian shores; this is strange but earlier her call-sign had belonged to the Admiral Nakhimov passenger motor ship.

There is one more interesting version of the tragedy that suggests that the tragedy occurred for some electromagnetic reasons. During the last days of August 1986 (August 27 – September 1) the solar data provided by the Crimean observatory turned out to be unusually high. When scientists of the observatory reported the data to Moscow, top managers of the scientists unexpectedly demanded that the data must be changed and the too high figures must be changed with normal ones. That was explained with the fact that data fixed by all observatories of the world demonstrated normal solar condition during the same period when the Crimean observatory registered too high data. It was also said that the Soviet observatory devices must be mistaken.

But there are people who may prove that the data fixed by the observatory devices were correct. Many Novorossiisk citizens say that they saw the unnaturally red sky in the evening of August 31. The majority of supporters of the electromagnetic version state that the too high data explained not with solar activity but with some electromagnetic impact exerted upon communication facilities of vessels with a view to cause strong interference on the screens of their radars. This idea is supported by the testimony of Captain Tkachenko who said there was some third vessel in the area of the wreckage; moving of this third vessel was registered by the devices on board the Pyotr Vasev bulk carrier.

Until the very collision, Captain Tkachenko stayed almost always near the automated course laying system. Even though Tkachenko's assistant who watched Admiral Nakhimov warned that it was necessary to reduce speed to let the motor ship pass, the captain still didn't reduce the speed or change the course; the man was concentrated on the screen of the automated system. This may be strange but the device showed that there were two miles between the vessels; what is more the bearing angle was increasing, as the device demonstrated. Accordingly, the position of the unknown vessel created an illusion that the situation was absolutely safe. As it turned out later, the bearing angle checked from board of the Admiral Nakhimov motor ship at the same very period disagreed with the showing registered by the bulk carrier. So, it proves there was some third vessel which position mislead Captain Tkachenko.

However, it is not quite clear whether the third vessel actually existed, or she was a ghost vessel (remember there was some unknown vessel in the story of The Titanic) or some experts used the emanation of microwave weapons to create this third vessel on the screen of the onboard system. This is not obligatorily that the electromagnetic emanation was the result of activity of special services.

Even though similar experiments were conducted by the US Navy with participation of Albert Einstein in 1943, there are many of places on Earth that have natural gravitational and electromagnetic anomalies. Let's take the Bermuda Triangle or the Devil's Lake for example. Is it possible that mankind has approached solution of the mystery? In the mid-1920s Einstein created his own variant of the single field theory which explained the interaction of electromagnetism and gravity; in the early 1940s a project on short-term disappearance of the Eldridge destroyer was started which was finished in 1943. 

But the results of the researches and practical usage of the above mentioned theory are still a secret. It is rumored that shortly before his death Albert Einstein destroyed a great part of his documents as he feared that mankind couldn't control the consequences of the discoveries he had made.

Pavel Gireyev

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Author`s name Margarita Kicherova