The Third Eye Mystery

In the scientific literature we can often read about some people saying they have "the third eye". Such people posses the qualities of an X-ray unit and can see through other people; they may also discern the biological structure of plants and other items
Well-known researcher from the Russian city of Voronezh Anatoly Rodionov has been studying the unique phenomenon for over 40 years. The scientist has determined that the effect of bio-introscopy (diagnostic imaging) doesn't contradict the laws of nature and physics at all. In his book Experimental Bio-introscopy Anatoly Rodionov provided evidence proving that animated objects have biomagnetic fields; under some definite conditions these fields can be caught with "the third eye".

For many years Anatoly Rodionov worked the head consultant of the Russian gymnastics team. As the man possesses a unique talent of diagnostic imaging, he helped prominent athletes come back to sports after the official medicine pronounced a sentence on them. The press often cited the example of gymnast Lyubov Burda from Voronezh who underwent a course of medical rehabilitation developed by Anatoly Rodionov. After that the woman revived and even won the title of a Soviet champion and an Olympic champion.
Anatoly Rodionov says that almost all people can understand "the third eye" mystery. For this purpose it is important to develop the capability to perceive the most subtle bioenergetics processes that cannot be seen with the normal eyesight; to learn to see what other people cannot see.

- Now it is said that a regional information center for health regulation is to open at the Voronezh State University and that you plan to apply your unique program for studies with students at the center.
It is true that the center is to open. In fact, I am already working with students. I have enrolled an experimental group of students from the University departments studying soil, biology, philosophy and psychology; students from other institutions want to attend the course as well. Some post-graduate students and tutors want to understand the secret of diagnostic imaging.

- Why do you say the group is experimental?

In fact, training of specialists in a new sector of the biological science supposes considerable experience; it demands laborious individual work. No result can be achieved without high nervous and emotional tension that is equal to joint efforts of hypnosis, psychology and bioenergetics specialists directed at awakening of a man's outstanding capabilities. These requirements are feasible for those people who evince genuine interest to the science of the future, who are more persistent, has flexible mind and can control the internal energy. It is feasible for highly emotional people.

If students just evidence some interest in bio-introscopy they may study it on an optional basis. I will be happy if any of these guys evinces even deeper interest to the subject.

- This is very often that new ideas are given a hostile reception. Do you feel it with respect to your studies?

I am rather lucky: the president of the Voronezh State University, deans from the University departments studying biology, soil, philosophy and psychology and other University officials have seen great interest in our studies. Especially for my lessons I was given a room; the University staff helped me adjust my lessons to the general schedule of the University lectures. In a word, I can say that I have achieved mutual understanding with the University personnel. 

- You are actually lucky. Some philosopher said that just few minds die of wear, minds usually become rusty because of disuse.

Our scientific searching in the sphere of experimental bio-introscopy has come into contact with the philosophic ideas of the university scientists with their views upon what we call "the soul" now. I think that works of Professor Ivan Borisov are very interesting and important for my studies. Being a student of the history department of the Voronezh State University, he studied philosophy, especially works by Hegel, Kant and other great thinkers of the 17-18th centuries.

In his works, Ivan Borisov re-interpreted the views of the thinkers upon a man's sensuality and considered it from a different point of view. I was impressed by a hypothesis of French philosopher Paul Holbach about some fragile and invisible substance. The philosopher said that the thing called a soul is moving together with us. Now, centuries later, the sensational hypothesis was objectively proved in practice. The experimental bio-introscopy has confirmed the hypothesis from a scientific point of view.

Moving together with the body, the soul, an information clot of the biomagnetic field is registered by a specialist having "the third eye" open. "The third eye" can read information even from a videotaped living object.
The complex of knowledge about diagnostic imaging is turning into a discipline of the university education. University scientists are publishing many works on the subject. If publications of this kind appeared in the 1970s, the medicine of that period would have helped anticipate frequent traumatism of professional athletes; instead, athletes were ordered to undergo electric stimulation of muscles.
The experimental bio-introscopy has identified the mechanism of traumas suffered by hockey players from the Soviet hockey squad. The problem was that electric impulses sent by electric stimulators were not identified. The biological membranes, our delicate regulator of cell activity, caught the impulses. When the traditional regime of low-frequency stimulation was changed, the level of traumatism in the hockey team considerably reduced. This fact was admitted by then-chief coach of the Soviet hockey team Viktor Tikhonov.

- How do institutions training doctors treat the diagnostic imaging?

Some time ago I worked at the medical institute's chair for physical training, medical control and physiotherapy exercises. I was constantly saying that if I could I would make health infectious instead of diseases. My experiments in bio-introscopy have demonstrated the wholesome recovery of the organism as a result of physical training and rational sport. Bio-introscopy is now supported by the Voronezh Medical Academy President, Doctor of Medical Sciences Anatoly Faustov and other doctors. I hope that doctors will soon agree to lecture at the studies in our center.

-Do you think that bio-diagnostics can counterbalance the present-day instrumental medical diagnostics?

I think that no serious contradictions will arise under conditions of mutual understanding and interosculation. Bio-introscopy is the science of the 21st century. 

We have considerably advanced in the researches. Humans now can identify primary functional disorders in the organism, slightly perceptible shifting of referred pains, for instance. The experimental center at the University is going not only to promote bio-introscopy but also to improve the parity relations between biology, biophysics, biotechnology, biomedicine and psychophysics on the one hand and modern medical achievements on the other hand.

The interview prepared by
Vladimir Petropavlovsky

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Author`s name Margarita Kicherova