The Four Civilizations and the Tragedy They Experienced

The life span of people belonging to the ancient civilizations could reach 50,000-100,000 years!
We sometimes treat myths, legends and sagas as an invention. However, if we closely observe the cultural heritage of all people living on the planet we may find out interesting facts. For instance, legends of some people living far from each other often describe the same events, probably with slightest differences but still they are the same. Vladimir Shemshuk, a biologist from the Russian city of Perm studied the peculiarity of the folklore and compared it with the history of the planet.

According to the Bible, the Golden Age of the planet gave place to the Silver Age, then to the Bronze Age which ended in today's Iron Age. We can find the same information in the Veda sources. Legends of American Indians, of African and Australian people say that demigods (Titans) inhabited the planet; then Atlantes came to take their place. When the Atlantes (they were shorter than Titans) died, a civilization of giants was formed, then a boreas civilization appeared. We traditionally consider ancient civilizations as undeveloped and primitive. However, some discoveries reveal that ancient civilizations extracted coal, they had electricity and even produced plastic.

People were tall like giants in the ancient biosphere. All ancient written sources that are available now mention giants. It gives every reason to believe that giants were actually living on the planet in the ancient times. This fact explains why huge constructions (giant dolmens, 20-meter fortress walls and other giant buildings) appeared on the planet.

Five figures made of stone were discovered in a village not far from Kabul; they were 2, 6, 18, 38 and 54 meters tall. The locals cannot say how the statues appeared in the place; they suppose that the figures are guards protecting the village. According to Vladimir Shemshuk, the height of every of the statues corresponds to the natural height of people belonging to the previous civilization and to the modern one.

The life span of people belonging to the ancient civilizations was really very great. According to Yelena Blavatskaya, a writer and theosophist, the average age of people living in the Asur civilization might reach 50,000-100,000 years! According to calculations made by Shemshuk, people who were 50 meters tall could live tens of thousands years. The Asur civilization existed within about 10 million of years, in other words it lasted for 100-200 generations. Long-living people are not inclined to make "progressive" changes in the life and the society that is why their civilization was so stable and long-living.
Asurs were not only long-living giants. Their psychophysical abilities were highly developed that allowed them to control processes going on in the Universe. 

The solar plasma and the plasma of human thoughts are of the same nature, that is why living creatures inhabiting planets situated close to the Sun (the Earth first of all) are the main source of plasma in the Solar system. The aura glowing of Asurs was violet and even ultraviolet, that is why the Sun must be violet or ultraviolet as many of Asurs were even of a higher level than the Gods. Indeed, the ultraviolet component of the Sun is considerable in its spectrum.
The reason why today's life of people is so sad is explained with the fact that our ancestors wanted to establish order in the Universe (to put an end to slavery, for example). Instead, they were overthrown and turned into slaves. Some of less developed civilizations cannot exist without slavery. That is why they did their best to liquidate our ancestors.

In 1965, Italian scientist Kolossimo summarized the information of all archeological expeditions that people knew. He came to the conclusion that planet Earth used to be the arena of battles using nuclear weapons. Many ancient sources mention weapons that remind one of modern nukes. Stones melted with the weapons were found in the Gobi desert, in the Middle East, in Europe, Africa, Asia, and North and South America.
Vladimir Shemshuk believes that the catastrophe on the Earth was a nuclear one. This is proved by mutations (remember one-eyed Cyclop monsters) and polyploidy (archeologists discovered giant skeletons with two rows of teeth). Another radioactive mutation is the Mongoloid race which is widely spread on the planet now.

Numerous nuclear explosions entailed showers that became the cause of the Flood mentioned in many ancient sources. After the Flood there was a nuclear winter, the one known to science as the global freezing; mankind was thus thrown back to the Stone Age.

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Author`s name Michael Simpson