Earthquake Notification System Under Construction

'Seismic dynamo-effect' will help experts get notification of approaching earthquakes
Japanese and Turkish scientists have made a discovery that may help prevent the negative consequences of an earthquake and will probably even send early notification of approaching earthquakes. Researchers studied records of geomagnetic data connected with a disastrous earthquake near the Turkish city of Izmir in 1999. They discovered that electromagnetic waves preceded the earthquake shocks. The scientists called the phenomenon "a seismic dynamo-effect". Strong electromagnetic signals were received immediately before the earthquake.

Thus, the scientists hope that the seismic dynamo-effect will help experts get notification of an approaching earthquake beforehand, even in the very short period of time before the disaster itself. Professor of Geomagnetism at Tokyo Technological Institute Yoshimori Honkura says he is going to conduct additional research with his colleagues. The new research will be focused on opportunities for using the phenomenon in Japan's monitoring of seismic activity.

This information was reported by Russia’s  ITAR-TASS news agency.

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Author`s name Olga Savka