Experience the Pythagoras Secrets - 5 April, 2003

If people want very much, they can work wonders. People of great intellect mentioned it already in the old times. But people's inertness and sloth don't let them consider these statements carefully. What we see in the result: people gape at artists performing wonders of memory to us; magicians or prophets predict what may happen in the future and even exert some influence upon these events. Do you think that mere mortals cannot do so as well? They can, certainly on condition that they want it very much.

Over 2,500 years ago great Pythagoras, who is widely known as a mathematician, created a system of exercises that could help people develop phenomenal abilities. All over the world Pythagoras is also known as a great antiquity mystic, the founder of the Pythagorean school which was later eliminated by its enemies. However, this fact prevented the teaching of the wise Greek from oblivion: in Ancient  Rome, Cicero and Julius Caesar used his psychotechnology methods to achieve success and to dominate over other people. Later, the founder of the Jesuit Order, Ignatius of Loyola, Leonardo da Vinci, Napoleon and other famous figures of the past admitted they knew the Pythagorean secret teaching and actively applied it in the real life.
In Russia, where esoteric teachings were prohibited for a very long period, the Pythagorean psychotechnology was revived in the early 1990s. Anton Braider mentioned the teaching in his book "Elimination of Secret Orders in Russia". The author wrote, in the old archives he had managed to discover hand-written memoirs of Moscow's famous economist and philosopher Vladimir Manuilov. The professor had to escape from "the red terror" in the 1920s and settled in Siberia, he died there in the early 1930s. As it turned out, the professor was a member of the Spirit Order society for a rather long period; there he studied several methods developed by Pythagoras. 

Some of the methods are mentioned in the memoirs where it's also emphasized that the great Greek said: "It was not me who created everything I am teaching now; I am just one of the thousands of followers of the wise men from the lost Atlantis. Their knowledge was collected by Egypt pagan priests and Crete czars."
A great deal of the Pythagorean teaching is lost once and for all, some things are not understood that is why cannot be realized in practice. But there is one exercise from the Manuilov memoirs that is easy for anyone.

If you wish to have absolute memory and penetrate into the secrets of your previous life, it's not obligatory to go to extrasensory people. Persistence is the only thing you need for it.
Every morning and evening you must recollect all events of the past day, every minute detail of it and all actions you have done. Moreover, you should evaluate your actions over the day. To do it, you can ask yourself the following questions: "What have I done today? What should I have done but failed? Which of my actions are to be censured and make me repent? Which of them make me happy?"

When you cope with the one-day method of consciousness examination, start gradually submerging into the past, try to recollect what happened yesterday, the day before yesterday, and so on. If you have character enough to do it every day, you are sure to be a success: you memory will be as strong as that of the most powerful computer with a vast data base.
If you continue such training regularly in a month or two you will have your attention always active. This very method is used for training special service agents.
Proceeding with the training for a very long period, you will be able to immediately recollect events of any period in your life right up to the moment of your birth. It won't be a problem for you to learn large texts and  poems by heart, to remember numbers, sets of different items, color spectra, melodies, etc. And this is not a wonder at all: in the old times when people had no written language they could remember endless volumes of myths and legends by heart, and that wasn't a miracle for anyone.


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Author`s name Michael Simpson