CIA Concealed Noah’s Ark!

There is a mountain covered with eternal snows in Easter Turkey, not far from the borders between Iran and Armenia. The mountain is 5156 meters above the sea level, which is actually not very high as compared with Tibet’s mountains that are eight thousand meters high. However, it has been the most famous mountain of the planet for several thousand years already. It is Ararat.

Recently, the CIA declassified documents concerning “probable remains of Noah’s Ark on Ararat mountain in Turkey.” Researchers immediately rushed to study the materials on this problem. 

It has been rumored long ago that starting with the end of the 1940s, the CIA has been collecting documentary evidence about an object hidden in an ice grave in Ararat’s slope.

Researchers of Noah’s Ark said that the CIA archives contained numerous classified photo and filmed documents. Some mysterious sources reported that “a secret expedition was organized to Turkey” by the US Government. They said that Noah’s Ark was found and secretly delivered to the territory of some US military base. 
Do you think it is impossible? Goodness knows. Former CIA officer Dino Brugioni asserts that he saw with his own eyes several pictures in which “three huge curved beams” could be perfectly seen.

There is no doubt that if the CIA actually happened to discover remains of the ancient huge vessel, this certainly would be the most important scientific and archeological discovery of the century. However, it is not clear yet whether the Agency is going to declassify the exhibits after declassification of documents on this problem, or there are no exhibits in fact.

Tsirah Corporation

The first of the notorious declassified materials dates back to 1992; it is a letter from Charles P. Aaron addressed to the CIA with a request for assistance. The man named his position as “an expert and leader of the searching operation for the legendary Noah’s Ark carried out by the Tsirah Corporation.” The operation lasted for several years, it was supported by the late astronaut James Irvin, several American senators and congressmen.

Aaron believed that the Agency had some technical mechanism that could “see” through the ice mass several meters thick. That is why the man asked the CIA to let him use the mechanism in the operation searching Noah’s Ark.

A response given to the request said that when pictures of Ararat were studied, “no ark could be distinctly identified.” Does it mean that the CIA has not considerable evidence proving existence of Noah’s Ark? When it comes to the CIA, nothing can be declared for sure.

The response given to the Tsirah Corporation is dated with January 21, 1993. The same date is on another interesting document, “a request to declassify the picture of Noah’s Ark for a TV program”, the Agency said no as well.

A question arises: is it possible to refuse to declassify the thing that was earlier declared as non-existent in the reply to the Tsirah Corporation?

Despite the fact that the CIA archives were said to be containing no pictures of Noah’s Ark, discussions concerning these images still continued. Deputy director of the CIA science and technology department said in his report of February 7, 1994 that “he had got copies of pictures of the ark found on Ararat mountain, but the department failed to identify Noah’s Ark in these pictures.” The report was concluded with a very interesting phrase: “At present, no attempts are made to organize additional researches in the region of Ararat mountain.”

If it was declared that no “additional” researches were held, it means that some main researches had been held earlier.

In a reply to the request, the CIA direction reported on February 16: “We doubt that even the most careful study of pictures of Ararat mountain will provide some convincing result. In order to make an exhaustive analysis, all kinds of pictures and images made with different technical facilities within the past 30 years must be collected. We have pictures of the Ararat mountain territory made within the past 18 months; it may take from 4  to 6 weeks to obtain other pictures from the archives. When all of them are available, we will be able to complete the analysis.” Documents that have been recently declassified by the CIA contain no results of such “completed analysis.”

Who Stole Noah’s Ark?

What results can be achieved after study of the CIA documents concerning Noah’s Ark? It is for sure that all of them provide rather contradictory information. At first sight, it seems that these documents refute the very fact saying that the CIA knows about the ark and its location. Then, it seems very strange why the Agency refuses to provide pictures of the ark. It is also strange that some “additional researches” were mentioned. It is highly likely that main researches were held some time earlier. If anything of this kind was held, why did the Agency report no results of such researches?

When the CIA says that it “failed to identify Noah’s Ark convincingly”, does it mean that some objects resembling the ark were found indeed? Why no information was published on this fact? Was it done for the purpose not to reveal the CIA’s spy potential when air photography of Ararat mountain is published? This very suggestion is veryunconvincing as the pictures were taken many years ago, and certainly CIA’s spy technologies used at that period are of no interest at present.

An idea supposed by Robert Simmons is highly probable; he said that the CIA published no information concerning searches for Noah’s Ark as it feared that this may entail a hail of protests. “What will happen if it is proved that the ark actually remained intact in the ice of Ararat mountain before Americans stole it?”

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Author`s name Michael Simpson