American Planes Can Fly Into Space

The USA has been working on the planes of the new generation

The Russian intelligence found out in the beginning of the 1990s that the USA was testing a super-secret  plane of the new generation at one of its airbases. Russian agents attempted to  see the new object with their own eyes and take pictures of it, but all those attempts failed. The Americans provided incredible security for their secret weapon, they tested the plane only at night. However, Russian agents managed to get some information about the new plane, which the USA called Aurora, in honor of the Goddess of the Dawn.

The mystery aircraft  is capable of flying very high, at the height of 40 and more kilometers. Even the latest models of pursuit planes cannot  fly that high.  The Aurora plane  also possesses fantastic supersonic speed,  the so-called 6M speed, as scientists call it. One M is equal to 340 meters a second.  In other words, Aurora can fly at the speed of two kilometers a second, and this is not a limit. This speed is achieved owing to extremely powerful  engines and the special design of the plane's hull and wings.

The aircraft was constructed on the base of the Stealth technology, which was selected by the American defense long ago. The technology poses great difficulties for both ground and air radar systems.

A picture of the real Aurora aircraft is even more rare than a picture of an UFO. So far, Russia has only one picture of the mysterious American plane. The picture was made by a Russian intelligence officer at the moment, when an Aurora plane was refueling in the air. Later it became known that before the “flying tank of fuel” (KC-135 aircraft) pumped some fuel to Aurora, a spy plane flew across Russia from east to west and was not detected by any radar systems.

The Americans invented the new aircraft, which was almost like a rocket. The new plane was invented by American defense scientists with an eye towards the future.  The most powerful  pursuit planes can fly on the height of 35-40 kilometers.  Russia is capable of  measuring its strength with the USA  in this respect.  Russia has aircraft like that – Su-2711, MiG-29, MiG-31. However, all these planes can fly in the near-Earth environment, whereas the environment between the Earth atmosphere and space is still vacant, so to speak. That is why, the development of the near-Earth space environment weapon is so relevant for defense. Who gets there first becomes the winner.

It goes about a totally new kind of aircraft, new kinds of spy planes, battle planes, transport planes and so on. They are supposed to fly from  the atmosphere into space and then come back on the ground. The Americans have been working on this kind of aircraft for years already, developing several “star wars” projects. The United States has been designing and testing those planes for a long time.  They already have X-33, X-34, X-37 and X-38 planes like that.

X-33: Supersonic aircraft is made on the base of up-to-date titanic alloys. It is equipped with oxygen-hydrogen jet engines.  The plane can develop the speed of 4420 meters a second. Graphite and ceramic (thermostable) technologies are used in  the engines.  A part of those technologies was either bought or stolen from Russia.  The maximum flight height is 120 kilometers.

X-34: A more modern supersonic aircraft. It is equipped with  unique electronic devices, has  special heat-shielding coating. One of its peculiar features is the fact that the plane takes off from an aircraft-carrier, which is also a plane, not a vessel.  X-34 can develop the speed of 5440 meters a second.  The maximum height is up to 150 kilometers.

Supersonic aircraft of the X class  can be both unmanned and piloted planes, with vertical and horizontal take-offs. It was officially said that such planes were meant for considerable reduction of the cost, which is spent on delivering various cargo into space. At present moment, one delivery like that costs 22 thousand dollars per one kilo of the cargo. The aircraft will definitely serve for defense purposes, taking  military satellites into orbit. Supersonic space planes can be equipped with super-powerful  telescopes and other equipment. Scientists and engineers think on a way to equip the planes with missiles, laser weapons, and so on.

In other words, America is working on the first ever space army, which would provide the States with the complete domination over near-Earth orbits. It will not be possible for any anti-missile defense complexes to hit that army group, it will be out of reach totally.  The space army will be able to hit a target on planet Earth any moment.

Soviet engineers tried to challenge the Americans and designed a unique aircraft called Buran. Unfortunately,  the aircraft proved  to be unsuccessful, and the competition with the USA failed. When  the military opposition between the USSR and the USA was over, Buran became a part of the exhibition show in Moscow’s Park of Culture. The first Soviet space aircraft became a dull monument to the bygone power and might-have-been hopes.

Major General Sergey Kolganov, an academician of the Russian Space Academy said that the USA's work on the development of supersonic space aircraft  posed another potential threat  for Russia. “I doubt that Russia is ready to fight with those American space planes. Some of our anti-missile defense complexes can reach a target up to 100 kilometers high. However, American aircraft can fly higher. Russia has very good ideas for the defense complex, I am certain of that. The Americans have not even dreamed about them. However, they are only ideas, nothing more. Our scientists do not work on any projects that would show counteraction to American space planes,” Kolganov said.

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Author`s name Olga Savka