Forget Globull Warming: Instead, Save the Endangered African Wild Dog

Regarding my choice for the first part of my titular line, it is what it is: The weather. Nothing more. All else, is buell sheet. Let us leave it at that.

Besides, have not we all had enough of the progressive Wokies and Fake News Media the world over waxing on ad hominem about it already? Climate hysteria has been going on for decades now. Even with their newest iteration, ‘The Green New Deal’ this climate hoax still comes up smelling of  well, sulfur. It really stinks. What is the adage again? Right: Lipstick on a pig… It does not hide the fact that a real pig, still resides behind the shiny lip-gloss.

Climatologist progressives

As of this writing, the dog whistling climatologist progressives are attending their annual gas lighting meeting in Scotland. As usual Sweet Child of Sweden, Great Thunberg is there. No surprise either that the pudgy yute girl, now teenager, is leading the “How dare you!’ vanguard charge. No big surprise either, that the world’s billionaire oligarchs attended. All, without exception arrived in their own private Lear jets; leaving their biggest carbon footprints in their wake. As many of you know, that is the wealth mongers’ signature move.

One of them, Jeff Bozos, the Woke genius behind the phallic rocket design, was prominent among them. No doubt, he was there seeking volunteers – only of the well-heeled variety – to help finance his latest venture: Help me Launch My Phallic Symbolism to Mars; by hook, or, by crook.

What Climate Emergency Conference is complete without the chief guru, Bonnie Prince Charlie, in the spotlight? Britain’s future King was there; in all his rapturous royal glory. Just when I thought he could not possibly get any dumber, Big Ears Charles, to remove all doubt, likened the battle against ‘The Weather’ to a military campaign. To wit, he exhorted the world’s woke masses to Blitzkrieg everything that the prevailing winds stirred!

To sum, what these progressive climate hacktivists do not understand, nor accept, is an inconvenient fact, as well as truth: We share Almighty God’s good, green earth with the thousands of other species. That is just on the land mass. There are millions more in the oceans and waterways.

Case in point…

Africa’s Wild – also known as Lycaon pictus or, the Painted – Hunting Dog.

At one time, not that distant, Wild Dogs roamed the entire breadth and width of the Dark Continent, beginning at The Cape, heading straight north unto Egypt. Not anymore. According to World Wildlife Fund, their aggregate numbers sum to less than 2 thousand. Think about that. Only 2 thousand of this magnificent species remains in the entire African continent! How can this be?

There is no succinct easy answer…

Forget Globull Warming: Instead, Save the Endangered African Wild Dog

Nevertheless, I lament this tragic reduction in their numbers. Consider their surroundings, both internal and external. African Wild dogs hunt in packs; numbers range from as little at 10, sometimes reaching 40. The packs are highly organized. Intelligence presides over their interactive and cooperative social order. Each canine has a role to play. Each of which is critical to the pack’s survival among the most hostile and harsh conditions. Whether it is at point, out on the flanks, or bringing up the rearguard reserves, the dogs operate as a well-regulated team; most akin to a Rugby Union forward pack.

Lose a member, to injury or normal attrition the entire pack suffers. That means the pack has to take up the slack. If they do not, their very survival is at the brink of disaster: probably death by starvation.

Consider the competition. All of Africa’s most voracious and vicious predators are arrayed before them on the savanna grasslands. Lion prides, hyenas, cheetahs, and leopards are all at the ready to defend their demarcated territories. Neither group is tolerant to more hungry mouths to battle in the survival game. Then, there is the ultimate predator: Homo sapiens.

Man, through his propensity to engage in sport hunting, in addition to expanding his sphere of influence, whether it is through farming, residential construction, is a constant impediment to the Wild Dogs natural treks. Due to their increasing lack of habitat, these resilient creatures are now forced to venture, farther, and farther afield. How long though, can those keep up the pace?

Their future does not look good. Without good folks increased intervention, in terms of time, much resource, and setting aside a suitable, livable expanse, these beautiful living species face extinction. That is fact. In addition, it would be an ignominious end for them as well as for mankind; a tragedy really.

Regarding that other ‘climate emergency’, like most guys and gals, I support clean air, clean water, and healthy soil, not contaminated by GMO experimenting. That is the extent of my commitment. Moreover, last time I checked, the earth, for all millennia, undergoes self-cleansing. That is why we are still here.


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Author`s name Montresor Montresor