Terrible: Murderer Lakes Waiting for More Victims

The civilized world shuddered at the information about a terrible crime in October 1994. Young and attractive American woman, Susan Smith from North Carolina deliberately (as the court discovered later) let her car with passengers roll down the boat ramp into John D. Long Lake. The passengers, including Susan’s two children, were fastened with security belts and sank. Susan was saved and later had to stand the trial. She was sentenced to life imprisonment for a premeditated murder.

However, tragic stories at the lake still occurred after that accident.  Two years later, a car with four children and three adults fell into the lake from the same boat ramp. At that, as witnesses say, the car spontaneously rolled down between the memorials set up there to Susan’s drowned  sons and dropped into the water. All seven passengers of the car sank.
Local citizens are perfectly sure that John D. Long Lake is spell-bound since old times, but judicial authorities ignore this fact and won’t review Susan Smith’s case.
However, Whitney Lake, Texas, is considered the most ruthless American lake. Police found dozens of cars on its oozy bottom which had rolled down into water spontaneously even despite the fact that the parking brake was on. At that, no passengers were found in the cars. It is interesting but local citizens say they often see UFOs in the area, and bald spots remain burnt out after UFO landings near the lake.
 USA’s close neighbor, Canada, is also abundant in bad places where lakes are of particular interest.
Here is one true story which was studied several times by specialists. American and Canadian newspapers wrote a lot about the accident, fragments from the film about the accident were several times demonstrated on TV. In June 1966, an elderly couple with a teenager son went fishing to Anion Lake situated among deserted sand-pits. When fishers settled on the lake shores, unbelievably sinister pitch darkness covered them. Then the people felt some dopey smell, and suddenly the boy disappeared. Despite all efforts, the boy wasn’t found in the darkness. Instantly, the sky began to clear up, and the parents saw the son, but the boy was different. He told the parents that he had seen some round plane, but couldn’t recollect what was going on next. In several days, the boy fell seriously ill which made him a mentally deranged person for the rest of his life.

Luminous Lake With A Monster

There is a huge lake Nahuel Huapi surrounded with snow-clad mountain peaks in the Argentinean Andes. Its square  is 26,000 square kilometers and the depth is 400 meters.

The lake constantly emits some strange light, and a monster known to people since the 18th century is living there. In the old times, King of Spain, Charles IV, organized an expedition to catch the monster, but it brought no success. In 1997, Argentinean speleologist Julio Aguaro discovered big round prints of paws of 50 centimeters in diameter. Scientists calculated that weight of the strange creature was about several tons. Local police told the scientists they had seen the monster several times and heard him growling.

UFO Base on Lake Bottom

There is mountain ridge  Cordillera Azur (Blue Lakes) in South America. It is stretched parallel to Andes and abounds in cold lakes, lagoons where South African Indians speaking the Quechua language are living. Artists like the places because of their picturesque beauty. Recently, photographers and ufologists evinced great interest to the area as well. There is Lake Hyalo in an out-of-the-way place, in a waterlogged area where people seldom come. Several years ago UFO picked the place for visits. Scientists visited the place and found out that UFOs actually haunted the lake. Local Indians observe UFOs almost regularly at 6 a.m. and  within 3:00 – 4:00 p.m. They several times observed luminous objects drop in the water or flew out of  the lake. The objects were round, oval, rectangular or circular.   They easily penetrate through the water, sometimes hover over the lake or slowly move along the mountain sides, then suddenly soar up and disappear. Indians quite naturally believe that these are evil doings of witches and sorcerers.

What Is On Lake Eri Bottom?

Lake Eri is one of America’s great lakes. A nuclear power plant is situated on the lake shores near Perry. The scientific center studying UFO often gets information from people who witness unidentified luminous objects of different shape and size near the nuclear power plant. All reports were thoroughly investigated and confirmed. 
We would like to tell the most interesting one. A woman who required anonymity drove her car past Perry on March 4, 1998. Suddenly she saw an object resembling a dirigible hover above the lake; lights were glowing on both sides of the object. It was slowly hovering in the air at the height of about 100 meters above the lake. When the woman drove home she told the story to her husband. The couple immediately left for the lake. Lake Eri was already covered with ice, but the ice cracked under the dirigible when it landed on the lake and started receiving small luminous objects on board. Some time later, the object disappeared; it seemed that it went under the water or merely vanished. Couldn’t the dirigible move to some parallel world hidden from people’s eyes?

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Author`s name Michael Simpson