iPhone 5 spy photos emerge on the net

A well-known blog on technology, 9to5Mac, published "spy photos" of the new iPhone. According to the photos, it will be Apple's first-ever smartphone with a 4-inch screen instead of the traditional 3.5-inche display.

The photos were supposedly received from an anonymous employee of a Chinese supplier of spare parts for Apple. The photos show Apple's new revolutionary product from all sides.

The truth about these photos will be unveiled only after the official presentation of the new device. It is worthy of note that the majority of leaked photos of iPhone 4S eventually proved to be fake.

Rumor has it that the new iPhone 5 will appear already in June, although many analysts say that the gadget will be released only in autumn.

According to the new photos, the body of the new device is made of metal, which brings up the idea of the whole aluminium Apple laptops. This feature will make iPhone 5 lighter and thinner, albeit stronger. Since there will be quite a lot of space saved inside, the phone will have more powerful hardware.

One can also see on the photos that the earphones jack has moved to a lower corner of the device. The speaker has been changed too. The new viewfinder of the camera on the front side of the device has been raised above the speaker. It is quite possible that Apple will equip the new phone with a microphone on the back to improve the sound quality when making videos.

As for the resolution of the screen, the author of the photos said that it goes about 1136x640 pixel, 3,999-inch screen. The Home button remains the same, just like the width of the phone, which, however, will become longer.

To crown it all, there is a new orifice between the viewfinder of the camera and the flash. The function of the hole remains unknown.

iPhone 5 will most likely see the light in the autumn of 2012. The delay is connected with the shortage of chips for the work with LTE and with the appearance of a new thinner display by Sharp and Toshiba. 

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Author`s name Dmitry Sudakov