Hottest and coldest places on Earth

"Vostok" Station, Russia

"Vostok" station, that was previously Soviet and now employs specialists from Russia, France and the United States, is located at a distance of 1,253 km from the South Pole and 1,260 km from the nearest sea coast. "Vostok" is located at an altitude of nearly 3,500 meters above sea level, and the thickness of the ice cover at the station is 3,700 meters.

In 1983, a temperature record of negative 89.2 degrees Celsius was recorded. It was the lowest on the planet for the entire period of observation.

It is not very warm in summer there now as maximum temperatures do not exceed negative 21 degrees Celsius. Despite these terrible weather conditions, there are always people working at "Vostok", 13 people in winter and 25 in summer.

Ellesmere Island, Canada

Ellesmere is a vast island, the tenth largest in the world, but it is no tropical paradise but a desert of ice near the poles. The average temperature here is negative 20 degrees Celsius. In the winter it drops to minus 40 Celsius. Despite the vast territory, in 2005 the island was inhabited by only 170 permanent residents.

There are only three permanent settlements on Ellesmere Island - Alert (the northernmost point on Earth), Eureka and Grice-Fjord. Ironically, this cold and generally isolated place attracts tourists, but a flight here alone would cost you 20 thousand dollars.

Oymyakon, Russia

Oymyakon is a village in Yakutia, 350 kilometers south of the Arctic Circle. In 1926 the temperature of minus 71.2 degrees Celsius was registered there. The average temperature in Oymyakon and some other regions of Yakutia in January is minus 47 degrees Celsius (in cold winters, sometimes falling below minus 50), making it the coldest place in the Northern Hemisphere, along with Greenland.

El Azizia, Libya

El Azizia is the hottest place on the planet. On September 13, 1922 a local weather station recorded temperature of 57.8 degrees Celsius. Moreover, measurement was carried out in the shade at a height of 5 meters from the earth. The actual temperature reached that day was 66 degrees.

Dallol, Ethiopia

Dallol is a settlement in northern Ethiopia located at an altitude of 50 meters above sea level. Currently, Dallol is a place with the highest average temperature. During the period from 1960 to 1966 the registered average was 34 degrees Celsius, which is the absolute maximum.

Death Valley, USA

Death Valley is intermontane depression in California. In 1913 the highest temperature in the western hemisphere was recorded there at 56.7 degrees Celsius above freezing. The average temperature in July reaches 46 degrees here, and drops to 31 degrees at night.

Bangkok, Thailand

International Meteorological Organization assigned the Thai capital the title of the hottest city in the world. The average annual temperature here is 28 degrees Celsius. The hottest time is from March to May, when the thermometer rises to 34 degrees and the humidity reaches 90 percent.

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