Ready for the New Year: House energized for 2011

42913.jpegSalt, pepper and positive vibes are among the tips to attract positive energy for the home

by Juliana Guimarães

Crystals help to purify the environment and raise household energy.  To attract good energy in 2011, is important to pay attention, early in the year. A few elements can influence the vibrations of the house. Even the arrangement of furniture, colors and even the finish. "Picking them correctly can make the environment more comfortable, and stimulate and prepare the stage for the success of the residents," says interior designer Adriana Scartaris.

The first step, according to the architect Sergio Carillo, is to perform a thorough cleaning. "To attract positive energy is crucial to eliminate the excess stuff of no use. Donate what no longer serves, fix what is broken and especially keep your house clean for the arrival of 2011. "Crystals and perfumes are also welcome. They help purify the environment and raise the energy," he adds.

More particularly a suggestion: bet on decorating with flowers, pictures of happy moments and objects from journeys, which symbolize good memories. It is also worth placing a glass jar with salt on the porch to attract the evil eye and prevent the negative vibes coming through the door, creating ornaments with cinnamon or pepper or even catch a common bell ringing and leave the house. "The sound of metal helps in cleansing", suggests the therapist and architect Aline Mendes.

Other major allies in the quest for well-being are the concepts of Feng Shui. "The technique has an important role, as energy flows through the gaps and gets stuck on objects. It is essential to be in balance," said Alin. But it's too late to prepare the house if the power is not personal to date. "Think positive and always enjoy the party," advises Adriana.


Translated from the Portuguese version by:

Lisa Karpova


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Author`s name Oksana Orlovskaya