Earth's Most Desolate Place Reachable in 21 Days

In the 21st century it seems impossible to imagine that there are places on the planet where no one had gone before. Planet Earth has been explored lengthwise and crosswise; people have traveled to even most remote spots.

However, one can find remote locations where extreme weather conditions would never let a human being go. Italian scientists developed a mathematical model to search for such places. They used a detailed map of the world for their research and attempted to determine a way of traveling and a distance to reach such hidden corners. They took account of landscape peculiarities, the availability of roads and even the need to cross state borders.

The results of the research showed that 90 percent of land is very easy to reach within a very short period of time – only two days of travel from a nearest settlement. The research also allowed the scientists to discover the most desolate and most unreachable place on Earth.

The hidden place is located in the Mountains of Tibet at the height of 5,200 kilometers above the sea level. There is a city not very far from that location, but it would take a traveler 21 days to the location their due to landscape peculiarities.

In the meantime, British scientists conducted another research to find out how long it would take the planet to recover from the activities of the human civilization. They concluded that the Earth’s biosphere would need 1,000 years for revival if mankind disappeared.

It would take the planet 1,000 years to retrieve its pristine appearance. No traces of the human civilization will be left on the planet in two million years.

Any kind of material, no matter how solid it might be, will not stand the test of time. Even plastic, one of the most non-decomposable substances, will be destroyed. All buildings and constructions will collapse, and the planet will clean itself through a series of massive fires and floods.

The Earth’s population nowadays makes nearly six billion people.

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Author`s name Dmitry Sudakov