Mutant forests to be planted in Russia

Russian scientists have created transgenic birch and aspen.

Russians will be able to see genetically modified trees already in October. However, it is not known yet how such an invention could change our world.

Scientists from the Institute for Bioorganic Chemistry, who had created mutant trees, explained that they wanted to stop the deforestation, which is changing the climate on the planet.

Ordinary trees grow slowly, while the genetically modified trees grow two times faster and genetically modified timber has higher quality.

The genetically modified trees will be planted in St. Petersburg and Nizhny Novgorod regions in October.

“These trees can help us save the original forests,” say project leaders.

However, it is difficult to say now what influence may these forests have on humans.

The genetically modified trees contain more cellulose. For each species scientists created a number of different transgenic options that will grow in a greenhouse. Later the scientists plan to plant them on the field.

Scientists say that some transgenic elements cause allergies, so a walk in such a forest could end up in a hospital.

Until recently, Russian laws banned the cultivation of transgenic plants. However, the scientists expect that the ban will be lifted soon and the best clones of trees will be planted on a large scale.

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Author`s name Alex Naumov