Author`s name Dmitry Sudakov

Gigantic mobile super city to make the whole world become China

The city of the future aims skyward in a new incredible concept designed by the Chinese company MAD Architects.

The city, dubbed as The Superstar, will have a completely self-sufficient structure and will be capable of producing all necessary energy and raw materials by means of processing its own wastes.

Designed as a future renovation of the contemporary Chinatown, The Superstar will be traveling over the world providing other ground-based cities with electric power, commercial and cultural activities, website reports.

The city, which bears a striking resemblance to a Cylon Base Star from Battlestar Galactica, will combine technology and nature, the future and humanity.

MAD Architects were designing the sparkling modern super construction as a renovation out-of-date contemporary Chinatown all over the world.

Being the self-sustaining mobile city, The Superstar will be able to accommodate 15,000 people. It will grow its own food, process its own wastes and generate its own energy. It will also be able to share its energy with hosting cities. The Superstar will be traveling over the globe sharing the Chinese culture with other cities. It will be possible to experience fine Chinese cuisine, purchase high-quality Chinese goods and participate in cultural events and festivities inside The Superstar.

To crown it all, the futuristic construction offers health resorts, sports facilities, lakes filled with drinking water and even a digital graveyard to remember the deceased residents of the city.

The super city will have its first destination on the outskirts of Rome, where it will provide “an unexpected, ever-changing future imbedded in the Eternal Past,” the MAD Architects website says.