RosCosmos launches deadly flying objects

When the citizen of the village Ust-Kumir in Altai Territory noticed in the hayloft a 600 –gram piece of space rocket, he, probably, wasn’t surprised. But neither was he glad. Because one of such pieces broke through the shed roof, 2 other wreckages hit the earth near people’s houses, threatening the lives of children. Overall there were found 11 wreckages.

Scientists suppose that the last one is the wreckage of the carrier-rocket ‘Proton-M’, launched from cosmodrome Baikonur on March 11. It’s nothing to be surprised with, because from 1070 the Republic of Altai has been used as place where worked out parts of the carrier-rocket can fall down. This region has so far gathered 2, 5 thousand tons of the ‘space rubbish’.

However, state official, Vladimir Nesterov, states that the last wreckage found at the beginning of April in one of the villages of the Republic of Altai, doesn’t belong to ‘Proton -M’. ‘It’s not always that such wreckages have anything to do with the racket launch. For example, the day the last wreckage was found, there was no rocket launch at the cosmodrome’.

Does he mean that the wreckage belongs to UFO? And does the fact that the wreckage hit the ground a month later than the rocket was launched decreases the threat from the wreckages? Although the authorities deny the connection between the wreckage fall and the rocket launch, it’s obvious for the citizens that the wreckages cause the citizens too many troubles.

The rocket-carrier ‘Proton-M’ uses 2 fuel components – nitric tetra oxide as an oxidizing material (which is as dangerous as nitric acid) and heptyl – a much more poisonous substance. WHO considers it the most dangerous chemical compound. Heptyl has serious toxic, mutagenic and cancerigenic effect.

It goes without saying, the experts of Siberian University of water and ecological problems of Russian Academy of Sciences (RAS) said these wreckages are harmless and ensured the citizens that ‘there is no pollution’. But it’s necessary to remember that heptyl (with boiling temperature 145 degrees Fahrenheit) mixes with water and oil, which can cause serious troubles. Moreover, there are countless from the citizens. At the beginning of March a local farmer Sergey Kazantsev complained to the authorities that 4 of his horses that browsed near the place of the wreckage crash, soon died. The experts in reply accused him of lying.

But it’s going to be difficult to accuse another local resident, shepherd Boris Urmatov, of lying, because huge wreckage (9,5 х 4,5 ) hit the play yard of his house right in front of the eyes of his small children, scaring them to death. Urmatov demands a million ruble (43, 5 thousand dollars) payout. If somebody thinks this sum is too big, put yourself on that parent’s place. Consider yourself a parent, whose children can be killed by the wreckage anytime. 43, 5 thousand dollars is enough for the shepherd to move to a safer district city. By the way, many bureaucrats spend this sum yearly on new cars. Much greater sums they spend on new apartments in Moscow – with 7 thousand dollars per square meter (3, 3 feet) price.

However, the authorities, who admit 200 feet miscalculation, don’t even make any excuses –they simply blame UFOs for the wreckages. So, no one wants to pay off 40 thousand dollars to a simple shepherd. It seems that bureaucrats consider ‘ordinary’ Russian people Martians that live somewhere very far away and don’t need any protection or care.

Meanwhile Russia is a way before European countries in the number of launched rocket-carriers (30 rockets in Russia versus 8 in the EU). However, the more rockets are launched, the more is the number of unsuccessful launches. Nevertheless, the rocket-carrier ‘Proton-M’ has already brought our country about 3, 5 billion dollars and offers for the total of 1, 5 billion dollars.

The more ‘Proton’M’ brings to our country, the bigger shame it is to leave the people who suffer from its launches without protection. When several years ago huge wreckage fell down on the yard of one of the residents of Korgon village (Altai Territory), he was paid just 10 thousand rubles (400 dollars). Did the authorities want the man to spend this money on alcohol to forget everything as soon as possible? Consider that when wreckage of ‘Proton-M’ fell down on the territory of Kazakhstan, the Kazakhs were paid off 20 million rubles (8 million dollars). Why do Russian people deserve less?

Of course, the country interests are important, they were initially ‘more important than the interest of a single person’. But surprisingly enough, it seems that the bureaucrats cover under ‘the country interest’ their own mistakes and negligence. This is wrong. Rockets are made to maintain security of every single person. The authorities’ opposition between the society and the state, ignorance to the problems of ordinary people is the best way to spread corruption and bureaucracy. Russian history vividly shows that in these conditions science-driven technology doesn’t live for a long time.

Translated by Lena Ksandinova

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Author`s name Alex Naumov