Russian government to reorganize nation's aviation engines industry

One of the versions was developed by Central Institute for Aviation Engine-Building (CIAM). Special commission of the government will consider it on May, 20. It is likely that this document will form the core of the concept, because it coincides with the opinion of the top officials who had suggested uniting the manufacturers around three centers. CIAM admits that the industry is in a system crisis, losing its positions even in the home market.

The key priority in the concept is the development of fifth generation engine, which is to secure 15-20 % in the world market. It is expected that the foundation stones of the branch before 2015 will be AL-31F family of Salyut (for Su-27, Su-30, Su-35, etc.), Product 117 of Saturn (for the fifth generation PAK FA), RD-33 family of Klimov (for Mig-29 and Chinese J-7), AL-57 (for Yak-130). After 2015 the engine of PAK FA and also of the fifth generation medium transport plane will become the focus of attention. There will be three families of civil engines before 2015: PS-90А (for Il-96, Tu-204/214, Il-76, А50), SaM 146 (for SSJ) and ТВ7-17 (for Il-114, Il-112, Mi-38). After 2015 the perspective engines of new generation for MS-21 planes are to enter serial manufacturing.

According to the concept the manufacture will be concentrated in three corporations: Saturn-UMPO, Salyut-Baranova (where the state has the controlling interest) and Kuznetsov-Kazan MPO. However, at the moment this can be interpreted as nothing but plans. There should be also answers to the problems that had been accumulating on different levels. For example, both Saturn-UMPO and Salyut-Baranova deal with the same AL-31 and no one can be treated as a clear leader. Perm Motors, a company that was not mentioned among the cores of the perspective centers, is designing PS-12, the most perspective engine for the most perspective plane MS-21. Salyut and UMPO, an unexpected tandem, are making their own AI436T12 for the same plane. Will the tender solve all problems?

Not everybody whom the government wants to see among leaders have the same financial power. While Saturn and Salyut are profiting on huge export orders and noticeable deliveries to the Russian Air Force, Kuznetsov experiences serious financial problems. This week the management of the company addressed to Samara regional authorities, Federal Agency on Industry and Federation of Independent Trade Unions with the request to help with crediting the enterprise. Although Kuznetsov has guaranteed orders, because of the long cycles of manufacturing the company badly needs turnover means. According to the open sources as of April, 1 accounts payables of the enterprise exceeded 1 billion rubles.

The last but no least: from time to time rumors about possible integration of the Ukrainian Motor Sich into Russian engine structures appear in the media. And these rumors do have ground, as all are different interpretations of the voiced opinions of the top mangers in the industry, who openly favor such plans on both sides. Each of the above problems won’t have easy solution. Aviation engines are about to get on the cover pages of media sources.

Yuri Seleznyov

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Author`s name Dmitry Sudakov