Russia stands up for Iran protesting against EU's intention to isolate the country

The EU and the USA believe that Tehran has been misleading the international community and deceiving IAEA inspectors

Russia and China stood up for Iran at the session of the IAEA council. It is an open secret that the European Union has been concerned about the Iranian dossier for a long time. As a result, Great Britain, France and Germany submitted a draft resolution to the council of the International Atomic Energy Agency. In the document the EU accuses the Iranian administration of violating obligations in the nuclear field. Such a decisive step obviously means that the dossier may soon be handed over to the UN Security Council, although it is not known when exactly it may happen.

Two nuclear powers of the world – Russia and China – protested against the project of the European states. Russian and Chinese members of the IAEA council believe that Iran will find itself in the absolute isolation once the documents are sent to the UN Security Council. The isolation will inevitably give rise to other, more serious conflicts: the “humiliated” Iran may take a hostile position instead of abiding by nuclear obligations.

As a result of the discussion at the IAEA council, those who urgently demanded the sending of the documents to the UN Security Council had to change their minds and give up the intention indefinitely.

The EU and the USA believe that Tehran has been misleading the international community and deceiving IAEA inspectors saying that Iran conducts peaceful nuclear developments. Iranian President Ahmadinejad touched upon the religious side of the issue at the recent session of the UN General Assembly (one should bear in mind the fact that Iran is a theocratic state). The president stated that Islam forbids nuclear weapons. However, Iran threatens to start uranium-enrichment works in the event the Iranian dossier is brought to the office of the UN Security Council. Experts consider such a standpoint of Iran as the first step on the way to develop an A-bomb.

Moscow sees certain perspectives in Iran for the development of the Russian nuclear industry. Beijing also rejects the EU's draft resolution in view of its intention to conduct energy cooperation with Iran. India has joined Russia and China too: India is interested in the Iranian gas.

A lot of observers believe that Iran has a rather stable standpoint currently against the background of the US-Iranian opposition and a series of powerful hurricanes, which ravaged the US Gulf Coast. To crown it all, the president of Iran has obtained reliable allies, which enjoy the veto right in the UN Security Council.

However, the pressure on the “nuclear fraudster,” which Iran has been during the recent 20 years according to the US administration, is too strong. Various diplomatic sources say that the IAEA management will most likely vote to send the Iranian dossier to the UN Security Council.

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Author`s name Olga Savka