Russian ambassador in India is in danger

Militants that are connected to al-Quaida and Chechen separatists threatened the Russian ambassador in India Vyacheslav Trubnikov

Indian newspaper The Hindustan Times reported on Tuesday that militants from local extremist groups that are connected to al-Quaida and Chechen separatists threatened the Russian ambassador in India Vyacheslav Trubnikov. According to the newspaper the ambassador asked the Ministry of Internal Affairs of India for permission to have armed security. Until the decision is taken the Russian ambassador is guarded by two armed officers from the local police.  The story takes an interesting turn because of the ambassador's personality who was the head of the Foreign Intelligence Service of Russia from 1996 till 2000. His ex-colleagues from the Indian intelligence services confirmed that he was in danger.

Vyacheslav Trubnikov resigned from the position of the head of the Foreign Intelligence Service in May 2000 together with other heads of federal authorities. This was due to the assumption of an office by new president in accordance with the Constitution. Trubnikov was not invited to the newly formed government. Sergey Lebedev was appointed the head of the Foreign Intelligence Service. In July 2004 Vyacheslav Trubnikov was appointed Russian ambassador in India.

According to Indian mass media, after a year of working as a diplomat, Trubnikov became an object of interest for Indian extremist groups that are closely connected to al-Quaida and Chechen militants. What is meant here are the so-called Army of the Clean (Lashkar-e-Tayyeba) and Army of Mohammed (Jaish-e-Mohammed), which are based in Kashmir and oppose the Indian armed forces. 

Threats led to the Russian embassy asking the foreign policy department of India and Ministry of Internal Affairs for armed security for Trubnikov. Indian Intelligence Service also confirmed the extremist threat.

The Hindustan Times reports that Trubnikov was provided two armed guards until the final decision is taken. Looks like the decision will be taken in favor of Trubnikov as earlier Indian authorities allowed the Israeli ambassador to have armed security.

Indian Ministry of Internal Affairs asked the Intelligence Service to deduce who of the diplomats may be also under threat. Special attention will be paid to the ambassadors of the USA, Great Britain, France, Japan and some of the Islamic countries. Local police is reported to have intensified the security measures around the embassies of the countries mentioned.

The Federal Security Service of Russia said to Izvestia that the bodyguards could be provided only to the ex-heads of the country. “Everything that concerns private security is confidential. But it is obvious that the ex-Russian president is guarded by intensified security, for instance”, Federal Security Service reports. 

Almost everyone who had access to confidential information in their past in Russia do not have guards. One of the examples is the ex-PM of Russia Viktor Chernomyrdin, who represents Russian interests in Ukraine at the moment. The ex-head of the Foreign Intelligence Service and ex-Prime Minister Evgeniy Primakov, who is now the head of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry does not have security as well. The ex-head of the Ministry of Nuclear energy Evgeniy Adamov, who now serves in Swiss prison, went overseas without security not worrying about the governmental secrets that he knew of. Another example is the ex-minister of defense Pavel Grachev, who is often blamed for unleashing the Chechen war.

Roman Kirillov

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Author`s name Olga Savka