Beslan anniversary darkened with blasphemous fuss

A hysterical commotion took place in both Moscow and Beslan on the eve of the Beslan anniversary

A tragedy occurred in Beslan a year ago. Three hundred and thirty-one people were killed in the terrorist attack, 186 of whom were children. Any other words will seem false against such horrific data. Honoring the killed children and adults with silence would be the only proper thing to do in this respect. However, the memory of the victims has been treated outrageously during the days of mourning in Russia. Chechen warlord Shamil Basayev exposed a videotape of Chechen terrorists preparing for their horrific attack on Beslan. The tape, which The Associated Press obtained, showed a group of terrorists sitting, talking to each other and smiling. Two of the terrorists, Basayev himself and his associate, are seen laughing and raising up their fingers. There is no point to express indignation about it: those individuals on the tape can hardly be referred to as humans.

The cynical terrorist videotape may become useful, no matter how paradoxical it may seem. A lot of people start forgetting already how the armed terrorists broke into the town in North Ossetia, how they seized the school and took hundreds of people hostage, how they threatened to explode the school and escape using innocent children as a cover. Terrorists reminded of their own existence again, on the day when North Ossetia and the whole of Russia mark the sad anniversary of the terrorist act.

A hysterical commotion took place in both Moscow and Beslan on the eve of the Beslan anniversary: political statements and ultimatums, attempts to arrange massive rallies and demonstrations “to set out indignation with unprofessional actions of the government in the field of the anti-terrorist struggle,” and other blasphemous fuss.

It is clear that professional oppositionists tried to use any possible reason to participate in the above-mentioned events. They are ready to speculate on a natural disaster, or a national tragedy just to have an opportunity to crack down on authorities. Staying in sorrow for a moment is out of their line. In addition, it is very sad to know that many of those who suffered in the terrorist act, allowed to get themselves involved in the mean bustle. Women from The Mothers of Beslan committee took many efforts in this respect.

”They do not talk about their inner state and what they feel. They continue talking about politics, about the unsuccessful search for those, who made their children die. We can see desperate aggression here in a combination with the eternal role of a victim, which they doomed themselves to play. They constantly attend court sessions and go through the horror of the terrorist attack over and over again. They try to support each other in the committee, which has become like a drug to them. This drug will not take them out of this severe stress,” psychologist Elena Rubayeva said. Ms. Rubayeva was one of the doctors, who rendered psychological help to the grieving women of Beslan shortly before the current anniversary.

The help has come too late. Crafty spin doctors have been working with those poor women for long, not to give them an opportunity to try and leave the stress behind at least to a certain extent. As a result, some relatives and parents who lost their loved ones in the school siege started asking for “a political asylum where human rights were observed.”

The chairwoman of the committee, Susanna Dudiyeva, dissociated herself from the statement. However, the statement was written and considered at one of the committee sessions. Here is the outcome of the story: the grieving mothers of Beslan are ready to leave their children's graves and thus abuse their memory.

Foreign journalists were correct in their comments about one particular feature of Russian people's style of behavior: “Russians make all levels of power responsible for the tragedy in Beslan.” This is exactly what happens: unimaginable infancy and childish inconsistency. People do not trust the authorities on the one hand and pin all their hope on the authorities on the other hand.

A group of armed gunmen broke into the center of Beslan, took bombs and guns inside the school, closed the building and no one noticed anything for a while. When everything was over, one could see an outburst of activity, which does not last long and ends without any result. As they say, it is too late to lock the stable door after the horse has been stolen. This is a vicious circle: at first people want the government to do something to prevent terrorist acts, but do nothing themselves. Then they blame the authorities when a tragedy occurs.

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Author`s name Olga Savka