Russia to create new super weapon that provides air, missile and space protection

Russia’s First Vice Prime Minister Sergei Ivanov set an unusual goal for the national defense complex, which he is personally in charge of. The official ordered to design a new air defense missile system that would guarantee air, missile and space protection at once. The development of the new Russian super weapon was entrusted to air defense concern Almaz Antei.

The concern will be used for the creation of a special design bureau that is set to unite all scientific and technical air defense schools used in the Air Force, the Navy, land troops, automatic control systems and anti-missile defense. The designers of the bureau will be creating the weapon of fifth generation embodying defensive, informational and supervisory functions.

Sergei Ivanov said that it was going about a very serious, expensive and unique project. The term to fulfill the project has been set within the limits of Russia’s Arms Program before 2015. The project is aimed at guaranteeing security of the Russian air space and may be expanded into actual space too.

It is about time Russia should think about the creation of the shield to defend its air space. The commander of Russia’s Air Force, General Vladimir Mikhailov, has recently stated that Russia must have weapons of air and space defense in the near future. The general added that the authorities responsible for the defense industry approach the problem as a question of paramount importance.

It is difficult to say if the new system is going to be created anew or whether it will be based on the ones included in Russia’s military arsenal already. One may assume that the works on the creation of the new super weapon will be conducted on the base of the S-400 missile complex, which Sergei Ivanov recently praised. This system is twice as powerful as its predecessor, S-300. Russia’s another military novelty, the missile system known as Ceasar (or Samoderzhec in Russian), may also be used in the process.

The Ceasar system was completed in 2004. However, no information on that has been released ever since. Ceasar reportedly outstrips USA’s Patriot system and can do the same with all analogues of foreign production.

Experts say that Russia's intention to build the new super powerful weapon has nothing to do with USA’s plans to deploy elements of its defense system in Eastern Europe. On the other hand, it goes without saying that Russia will have to bid farewell to its project with NATO on the creation of the air defense system for the European seat of war. It was a very successful project for Russia until US officials announced their plans to set up missile complexes in Poland and the Czech Republic.

Vremya Novostei

Translated by Dmitry Sudakov

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Author`s name Dmitry Sudakov