Russia to acquire two Scorpio submersible vessels after the mini-sub accident

British rescue team that took part in the operation in the Bering Sea is back in Britain at the moment together with Scorpio 45

The mini-sub crew was saved in Beyozovaya Bay thanks to one of such deep-sea vehicles. The head of the Ministry of Defense of Russia, Sergei Ivanov, decided to buy Scorpio deep-sea vehicles together with all the necessary equipment support. Only Russian specialists will maintain the service of the equipment.

British rescue team that took part in the operation in the Bering Sea is back in Britain at the moment together with Scorpio 45. This vehicle would have been able to rescue Russian sailors even if the minisub had been trapped at the depth of 1km. Super Scorpio is equipped with four video cameras and agile robotic arms that can cut steel cable. 

According to participants of the operation the salvage operations were successful thanks to the international cooperation in the first place. British experts mentioned the openness of the Russian military men during the operation. They stress that this is “an accident which happened because of unfortunate concourse of circumstances. This could have happened to British, American or any other submarine vessel.”

The crew of the rescued AS-28 mini-submarine will be on the checkup in the hospital for a week. All of its 7 members are well. The submariners are allowed to move about freely, to walk and to meet with their relatives. The hospital provides them with nourishing diet.

Meanwhile, the public prosecution investigation found breach of duty of officials during the preparation and the usage of AS-28. Twelve different expert examinations are to be made in connection with the accident in Beryozovaya Bay.

Investigation team of the Military Prosecutor has been working almost all day long on board the bathyscaphe. The exterior of the vessel was examined at first. Then knots and units were checked. The military say that this is just a beginning of a long process, which will show the causes of the accident.

The rescued vessel has been on board the Georiy Kozlin ship for three  days already. Nobody has an access to it. The Prosecutor's Office of the Pacific Navy names several reasons for the accident. Technical and humane factors have already been ruled out. The main version is that the submarine became entangled in fishing nets left by poachers.

The head of the staff headquarters of Northeastern military troops and forces of Russia, Alexandre Vitko, says: “The first reason is the net which might have been there for ages. And the second reason is that for several days before diving the weather was rather bad, say force five. Maybe this net was then drifted on.”

Military sailors complain that during recent decades the culture of fishery on Kamchatka has deteriorated dramatically. Poachers are breaking the law in search of profit. That is why the dragnet could be left in the water where fishing is forbidden. A member of the rescued crew Valery Lepetuha told about the accident in details.

Valery Lepetuha, the commander of the rescue ship division said: “We approached the object we were aiming at. We had to examine it in a certain way. We examined its both sides so we didn't become entangled straightaway. Then we noticed a cable hanging and passed it. While doing so we probably got entangled in the net, left either after the storm or by fishermen. It might be have been on the object itself as well.”

Still poachers' nets are not the only reason for the accident. The first results of the public prosecution's investigation are already present. A case was initiated in accordance with the article 'negligence.' According to military men, the breach of duty on the part of certain navy officials was discovered. The details are still to be clarified. Meantime, the future of AS-28 is already known.

“The examination showed that the vessel has not been damaged. It will be also checked for flaws. We are concerned by the propeller-rudder system. It should function well. And if it does, we are going to suggest its further exploitation in its proper function,” Alexander Vitko said.

Meanwhile, all the rescued sailors are still at the hospital. Doctors say that the first most dangerous three days after stresses are over. The submariners will be allowed to go home only at the end of the week, doctors insist.

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Author`s name Olga Savka