Vicious stray dogs attack Moscow

Statistics show that since the beginning of last year 8,000 citizens reported being attacked by wild dogs in Moscow.

As the fall season approaches the behavior of our younger brethren is spinning out of control. Now they go after both children and adults, and even the harmless pet dogs showed signs of aggression towards humans.

In August alone a few dozens of people reported to hospitals with dog bites.

Liudmila Kubyshkina, an accountant from Villis Latsis Street, was taking a usual evening walk with her 2-year-old son and her 4-year-old daughter. Suddenly a huge red beast without a dog-collar jumped at them from behind the kindergarten fence. Liudmila stopped to protect the children and the dog, choosing the best moment, stuck its teeth into the woman’s leg. The unfortunate accountant and her children managed to get home with much difficulty as they tried to chase the persistent animal away with a cardboard box. Since Liudmila was pregnant her husband called the doctors immediately.

“They took me to the First Hospital for Infections,” - Liudmila recalls, - “there was another woman from Pechatniki, whom they brought along with me. She had also been bitten by a wild dog. For three days we received anti-rabies shots. I was extremely concerned about the effect that might have on the baby, but the doctors insisted that at that point the most important thing was the welfare of the mother. Right before I left the hospital I found out that since the beginning of August 5 people were brought there with similar incidents.”

Left unpunished

A man renting an apartment somewhere on the Prospect of the Sixtieth October used to feed and provide shelter to a stray dog but he threw the dog out when time came to move on. When Alla Polchaninova, an artist and the owner of the apartment, came back the wild angry animal simply would not let her out of the apartment.

“The dog was so aggressive and was barking non-stop, and I was not able to come out for 4 hours,” - the nearly crying woman told the reporters.

Only the local police officer was able to rid the house of the furry aggressor. But it is not the policeman’s job to protect citizens from stray animals since there is a whole organization specializing in their capture. Unfortunately the organization is somewhat disorganized.

“Right after the attack my husband filed a report to the Animal Control, but the mad dog is still running around in this area,” - complains Liudmila, - “They say that they need a witness’ confirmation - a victim must actually point the animal out so that there wouldn’t be a mistake. And if it turns out that the dog is healthy they will most likely let him out of the shelter. So I can only count on myself. After I left the hospital my husband bought me a special device against angry attackers.”

Sadly Liudmila could not save her baby - she ended up having a miscarriage. She suspects that the rabies shots she received while hospitalized contributed to the tragic outcome.

Translated by Natalia Vysotskaya

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Author`s name Alex Naumov