Russian officials to live up to 150 years

Officials’ salaries increase at a much higher rate than those of the regular mortals. They ride in special official cars, they receive medical treatment in special clinics that are closed to the public and they rest from work in special sanatoriums. And now there is even a special book published for them “The State Official: Professional Health and Long Life.” The authors of this book of only 1000 copies are Sergey Mironov, the head chief of the Main Presidential Medical Department, Albert Arutiunov, his vice-chief, and Peter Turzin, the vice director of the Presidential Scientific/Academic Medical Center. In their book the authors explain how persons of important governmental positions should guard their health and prolong their lives.

We believe that their advice could serve the ordinary people. Therefore we are going to share some passages from this mysterious book.

Work “Destroys the Person” in an Official.

“Conditions of the current life pace produce numerous anxieties and continuous stress for many responsible leaders, and this leads to the depletion of their body resources. A man in such state overworks and overextends himself, causing damage to his health and even getting destroyed as a person.”

The Lifespan’s Length Depends on the Hobby Size.

“Genetically speaking a human can live up to 120-150 years. An average lifespan has doubled since the last century – it jumped up from 35 to 70 years. These days a person below 45 is considered young, below 65 – average, below 75 – senior, below 90 – elderly, and from then on – a long-liver. Apparently the long-livers are strikingly optimistic, active, independent in their thinking, neat and committed to the proper lifestyle.”

According to the authors’ opinion, in order for the leaders to extend their lives to at least 120 years, they must “get plenty of rest, receive 6-8 hours of sleep on a daily basis, have a family of their own, maintain good relationship with their parents, get occasional exercise, acquire hobbies and pets, avoid smoking an not abuse alcohol.” On tope of that they should “maintain a positive attitude, be joyful everyday and try to smile and laugh more often.”

One Bottle of Cognac a Week Won’t Hurt Anyone

A significant portion of the book is dedicated to fighting the temptation to solve the stress issues by abusing alcohol. First of all the book recommends that the official estimate how much he or she drinks. “As soon as you figure out how much you drink, it would be possible to tell how dangerous your situation actually is. Every person’s reaction to alcohol is unique. Nevertheless there certain norms for its consumption: men should have no more than 22 points per week, while women should have no more than 12. One such point is equivalentto 15ml or 12.8g of pure alcohol. It should be noted that the liver is capable to disintegrate about 20 g of alcohol in an hour. Never consume more than 5 points in a single day I try to avoid drinking more than three times a week.”

Kremlin’s Doctors’ Recipe

“Drinking lots of water (not soda) is recommended in order to rid one’s body of toxins during a major intoxication. In case of an emergency one must clear the stomach by whatever means available.

Taking a carbon pill prior to drinking will help decrease the hangover. If not too much alcohol was consumed, the sobering process could be facilitated by drinking strong tea or coffee, taking a shower, getting some fresh air, which all help the cardio-vascular system to stabilize.

Also popular among the folk people are pickle juice, hot chicken broth, tea with lemon and honey etc…”

A Simple Fact

For every hundred regular citizens in Russia there is only one official. Today there are as many bureaucrats in the Russia Federation as there used to be in the USSR .

Body Language

Government psychologists recommend that the officials rub their hands together. Since one of the government worker’s task is to constantly deal with people, he or she must “fully master the communication culture techniques not only along the vertical axes but also along the horizontal one, and must know how to handle customers,” in other words he or she must be maintain self-control and not give away feelings towards any particular client. The facial expression is relatively easy to keep in order, but small elements of the body language can betray the person. The book provides some examples that should help the official to recognize the mood of the client as well to watch one’s own.

The official is good spirits if he:

-rubs the hands together;

-opens the hand palms open before the client;

-puts on the glasses that were [previously taken off;

-lets the smoke go upwards while smoking.

The official is in an unfriendly mood if he:

-clutches the fingers together;

-hides his hands;

-crosses the hands on his chest;

-covers his mouth with a hand;

-touches the tip of his nose;

-rubs an eyelid;

-puts his hands behind the back or grabs the forearm;

-supports his chin with a thumb while his index finger is directed towards his temple;

-crosses his legs;

-lets the smoke escape thorough the corner of his mouth or blows it downwards.

Translated by Natalia Vysotskaya

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Author`s name Alex Naumov