Russian enterprises prepare to conquer the world market

The question of Russian companies' capability to achieve the transnational level has been rather relevant lately

President Putin has recently had a meeting with representatives of the Russian business circles. The president paid businessmen's attention to the targeted support of the home business on the foreign market, which the state had been fulfilling successively.

”The government and the president have been doing their best to aim all our foreign institutions and services at the constructive work with the Russian business abroad, to provide real help to large Russian companies in their aspiration to achieve the level of transnational groups,” President Putin said during the meeting with businessmen.

The question of Russian companies' capability to achieve the transnational level has been rather relevant lately. The agenda includes the struggle for deposits of natural resources abroad. The Russian high-tech production, software in particular, has a very good perspective to achieve the success of the national defense production, which enjoys immaculate reputation on the foreign market.

Deputy chairman of the Russian Ministry for Economic Development, Andrei Sharonov, said that several Russian companies, particularly metallurgical enterprises, had acquired foreign assets to be able to access machine-building markets, which Russia could not reach before. Sharonov believes that the export of the Russian capital can be positive from the point of view of the anti-inflation struggle, especially against the background of the inflow of petrodollars in Russia.

Russia's presence on the world market promises significant dividend for the enterprises of the fuel and energy complex. The head of the Russian Union of Oil and Gas Industry, Yury Shafranik, says that the world is currently witnessing the struggle for natural resources, and Russian companies have a unique opportunity to enter the markets of foreign countries, in which Russian diplomats had previously created all necessary conditions for it. It goes about the markets of the Middle East and the North of Africa, first and foremost. Russian oil and gas enterprises will be able to access the crude, the prime cost of which in those regions is a lot smaller than in Russia.

Vice Premier Alexander Zhukov said that such investments would have a positive influence on the international image of Russia. “Increasing the volume of Russian investments in the economy of foreign countries will be good for strengthening Russia's authority in the international scale. It will also have a positive effect on the security in the world on the whole,” the chairman of the State Duma Committee for international affairs, Konstantin Kosachev was quoted by Itar-Tass as saying. Kosachev added that Russia's national expansion in the world economy would ultimately allow to decrease the risk of military confrontation.

The legal capital of Russia becomes competitive in the world. Russian specialists are certain that the legal export of finances will inevitably improve the world's attitude to Russia.

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Author`s name Olga Savka