Wanted 'oligarchs' plan to unite liberals and extremists against Putin

Boris Berezovsky calls the unification of all anti-Putin groupings – from the west-leaning liberals to the fascist-minded "National Bolsheviks" – the "top priority" of the absconding oligarchs.
The only issue of the paper "Moskovskiye Novosti without Kiselyov" published on March 18 an interview with Boris Berezovsky, the notorious Russian "oligarch" of the Yeltsin's epoch. He is wanted by the Russian police for massive frauds and living now in UK as a "political refugee". Mr. Berezovsky declared that he had achieved a "top-priority" agreement with two other famous absconders, the former media tycoon Vladimir Gusinsky and Yukos's Leonid Nevzlin, both residing now in Israel, to "help" financially the unification of all anti-Putin political groupings. The proclaimed goal of this unification is nothing more than "overthrowing the unconstitutional regime of Putin". According to Berezovsky, the anti-Putin coalition should include not only "those who call themselves democrats" (that is right-wing liberals), but also "other political forces believing in other political constructions".
The only condition for would-be recipients of the oligarchs' money is an intransigent opposition to the existing regime. Among those "who don’t call themselves democrats" the special Berezovsky's favour is enjoyed by the National Bolsheviks. The politics of this sectarian group, led by the well-known author Edward Limonov, is regarded by many observers as proto-fascist.

It is quite ironic that such ambitious unification plans were published on the pages of the paper which had appeared as a result of a scandalous split in the editorial board of a Yukos mouthpeice, the Moscow daily "Moskovskiye novosti". The conflict (two opposing groups are remaining loyal to the bosses, Mrs. Khodorkovsky and Nevzlin) over MN's editorial policy has already led to the sack of the majority of the paper's journalists. The figure in the scandal's focus is Yevgeny Kiselyov, MN's chief editor and the former director of Gusinsky's NTV and Berezovsky's TV6 (successively).

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Author`s name Marina Lebedeva