Russian law-makers to outlaw Moldavian wine

The leaders of Moldova, Ukraine and Georgia met to scheme against Russia

The Russian Federation Duma has recently requested the Government to administer a severe punishment to the republic of Moldova. Deputies suggest Russia should give up the import of Moldavian wine and tobacco, and export the Russian oil and gas to the republic at world prices. What is more, they say a visa-entry regime may be introduced for Moldavians wishing to enter Russia. This is Russian deputies' response to the meetings of Moldavia President Voronin with Viktor Yushchenko and Mikhail Saakashvili. Moldova's refusal to grant Russian observers access to parliamentary elections in the republic has also provoked the above-mentioned resolution of Russian parliamentarians.

Deputy Konstantin Zatulin explains: “We suggest the initiatives reluctantly. It is like the inscription “The King's last argument” made on cannons in the 18-19th centuries. If the Moldova Government does not love us, then we must make it respect us.”

Deputy Greshnevikov supports Zatulin and says Russia must not be compliant any longer. “The leaders of Moldova, Ukraine and Georgia met to scheme against Russia. We need a mechanism of sanctions to stop the Moldavian Government from committing mistakes.”

According to Konstantin Zatulin, Russia exports gas at the price of $68 per one thousand of cubic meters, which is $12 cheaper than the price of Russia's gas exported to Ukraine, another CIS partner of our country. 80 per cent of Moldavian wine goes to the Russian market. At that, wine makers in Russia's Krasnodar Region sustain losses from low prices for Moldavian wine. That was done to keep up friendly relations with Moldova, but it is no ally for us any longer, the deputy said.

However, some deputies were not as enthusiastic as Zatulin. Tyulkin from the Communist Party says that doing so Russia may become a provoker and push Moldova aside. Some deputies also object to making haste with introduction of severe measures with respect to Moldova.
Deputy Alksnis says Moldova is an enemy for Russia today. Moldova President Voronin and his faction carry out an anti-Russian policy. The deputy suggests that the number of Russian peacemakers in Transdniestr Region must be increased from 400 to several thousand soldiers. But deputies did not support the initiative. Deputy Alexey Mitrofanov is sure the Russian Government will not dare to introduce the above-mentioned sanctions against Moldova.

The statistic says that 60 per cent of wine sold in Russia comes from Moldavia. 100 of Moldavian wineries work to supply the Russian market. Moldova exports 10,000 tons of tobacco per year to Russia. 700,000 of guest workers come to Russia from Moldova every year. 

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Author`s name Olga Savka