New Russian movement to smash up skinheads

The organization is going to conduct numerous massive actions in Russia nationwide

Within several past years, it was generally believed that Russian youth was not concerned about politics and cared just about their own problems. But today it turns out this is not quite so. The Nashi (Ours) youth movement suggests forming an anti-Fascist political movement. Ideologist of the Going Together movement, Vasily Yakemenko, told reporters: “The movement and me support the natural reaction to the increasing popularity of depraver Eduard Limonov and his crazy Nazis that is now outlining among pseudo intellectuals. National Bolsheviks are waving Hitler’s national socialist flags; Khakamada’s Committee 2008, the Yabloko youth subdivision, Berezovsky, Makashov and other immoral people have gathered under the flags.”

Vasily Yakemenko gives answers to the most burning questions of the society.

- Why do you insist the movement is anti-Fascist?

We see the ugly flowers of the smashed ideology are emerging here and there in the society that beat Fascism 60 years ago. Liberals join hands with national Bolsheviks and skinheads; the democratic processes so much resemble the Fascist ideology. This is particularly dangerous. Second, there are some other lines of the movement in addition to its anti-Fascist line.

- Mass media do believe that Nashi is the Kremlin’s response to establishing the Going Without Putin movement. Is this so?

This is not true. Going Without Putin is a soap bubble widely advertised by mass media. The organization has just three people in St.Petersburg and the same number of members in Moscow; nobody knows about it in other Russian cities. Compare this with Going Together that conducted large-scale actions, the population knows this movement.

- What about Moscow’s Pora movement? Is it a phantom like Going Without Putin?

Sure. This is just another creation of Boris Berezovsky and George Soros who is rather active in Georgia and Ukraine now. In Ukraine, the Pora movement actually exists, while it is a phantom in Russia. We will understand it as soon as we ask the movement to reveal themselves.

- What are your plans for the future?

The movement is going to severely fight skinheads and anti-Semite organizations. We feel deeply injured with the public appearance and impunity of those who spread Fascism, the plaque that killed twenty millions of people last century. We are going to put an end to the unnatural union of oligarchs and anti-Semites, Nazis and liberals. The organization is going to conduct numerous massive actions in Russia nationwide and in Baltic republics as well.

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Author`s name Olga Savka