Russians are ready to fight for Kurils

Residents of South Kuril islands intend to declare war and demand impeachment of the Russian president. Such drastic measures will be executed in case Moscow decides to give away the disputed territories to Japan.

“The loss of the islands [Kurils] is a crime. We are not living on the outskirts of Russia; we represent the beginning of the Russian territory. New day begins here.” Such was the statement addressed by the people of the Kuril islands to the Russian government. In case Russian president Vladimir Putin decides to sign an agreement to hand over Southern Kuril to Japan, locals will most likely accuse the president of high treason.

In the meantime, atmosphere in the region is quite peaceful. Members of various public organizations collect letters addressed to the country’s leader with a plea to leave Russia’s borderline untouched. Some letters point out that “the country’s territory cannot be changed without public consent, i.e. without properly conducted referendum.” In the meantime, any claims of political authorities as well as any talks concerning this subject matter violate one of the articles of the Constitution.

Kuril residents have already forwarded complaints to the Russian president asking him to postpone his visit to Tokyo set for February 9. The protestors urge the president to hold a private meeting with a delegation from Kuril and Sakhalin or to visit their region before the trip to Japan. People hope such turn of events will enable the president to hear people’s point of view in person.

However, should the protest fail to yield any positive results, people of the Kuril islands intend to form real guerilla squadrons and defend their lands with guns. Several hundred men have already agreed to join such squadrons.

According to the protestors, in case our country hands over the islands to Japan, Russia will also carry significant economic losses. The fact is, the region is exceptionally is rich in fish and other seafood; its annual income constitutes nearly $2 billion USD.

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Author`s name Andrey Mikhailov