Why did Russia fail to resist terrorism threat?

As terrorist acts become a regular occurrences these days destroying lives of many innocent people, one's desire to learn who's behind them tends to weaken.

In most cases, terrorism develops in those countries which are unable to demonstrate resistance. It has to be understood that Russia has to reconsider its security system in its entirety, it has to reconsider its views in regards to fighting terrorism, everything needs to be changed! All sentiments aside, let the following political figures share their views in regards to the main issue of the day-terrorism.

Vladimir Zhirinovsky, leader of the LDPR political party:

The biggest problem that Russian special services face nowadays is such that they do not take into account the so-called ethno-political factor of the crimes. As an expert in Eastern cultures let me tell you this: last year after the blast at a Rock festival in Tushino (Moscow) it was determined that two ladies of Caucasian descent had been the two suicide-bombers. Our special services had to give out an order to all posts to pay close attention at all Caucasian-looking women especially in public places. In case with the recent plane crashes, it had also  been noted that the terrorist acts had been committed by Caucasian-looking women. Most likely those were women of the exact same descent that blew up a train on the Avtozavodskaya metro station. However, it was not until yesterday that our special services had finally given out an order to pay close attention to Caucasian-looking women, especially those travelling alone. But why has not this been done earlier?

Did we really need hundreds of victims and several decades in order to realize that the East requires special attention and a special approach? We urge Russian government to recruit specialists in the field of Eastern cultures as well as ethnosociopolitologists to the country’s special services. Until such specialists will not take the center stage in the Russian law-enforcement, terrorism will only escalate. This type of crime is of a national character. It is time to see this clearly.

Ivan Melnikov, the first vice-president of Central Committee of KPRF (Communist party):

Economical decay, a heavy load of unresolved social problems, unemployment, poverty, never-ending and oftentimes quite foolish restructuring of state security, an entire array of international problems, mistakes made in Chechnya, significant weakening of cultural connection between the Russian peoples – these are the real reasons behind today’s tragedies.

Our current government has given rise to these problems and as it can be seen, this very government appears to be absolutely powerless to deal with them. It seems that the barbaric destruction of the two passenger planes only enabled Putin to confirm the link between Chechen terrorists with the world terrorism. Unfortunately, our society has not witnessed the Russian government or the president to claim responsibility for the explosions, hostages and horrific deaths. More so, no matter how paradoxically this may seen, such emergency situations only strengthen state’s positions: society loses its ability to think critically when fear and panic prevails. Nonetheless, this exact critical analysis enables us to see that the state government simply avoids solving the existing social problems as well as those concerning country’s security.

Victor Ilyukhin, member of the State Duma Security Committee, head of the military support movement:

I have been talking about this for a long time now, and I can say this once more that our law-enforcement, special services as well as our judicial system are serving the State and are in no way aimed at protecting people and law! Such was their initial intention! They have completely forgotten about the existence of people and society. They have completely forgotten that it is their main responsibility to guard the people, not the president! What should be done today? And first of all, all leaders of the special services have to resign.

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Author`s name Andrey Mikhailov