President of Chechnya: Chechens suffer from terrorism most of all

President of Chechen republic Alu Alkhanov answered the questions of PRAVDA.Ru reporter
Reporter. How can you explain such an outburst of terrorist activity in Chechnya in the last 10 days? Can the recent terrorist be connected with the elections of the new Chechen President?

President Alkhanov. I would not connect the activity of terrorists in the last 10 days with the elections in Chechen republic. I think they want to destabilize the situation all over the region of the North Caucasus, not just in some republics. This is aimed to demonstrate the sponsors of the international terrorists that they do their job paid by the dirty money. And demonstrate their power and influence in the North Caucasus region.

The second cause of the terrorist activity outburst is the need to remind of themselves on the eve of a number of political meeting at high level, where the Chechen issue was discussed.

Reporter. Are the terrorist acts linked with the attempts to have the world public opinion influence the Russian authorities on the Chechen issue? The are still “freedom fighters” for somebody.

President Alkhanov. No, these people have no morale, and the world has seen it. We have known this for a long time, and the new terrorist acts committed by these monsters, demonstrate their evil attitude to the humankind. In May 2004 these bandits knew what they were doing when they arranged the explosion at the stadium in Grozny, they were aware that the veterans would come to celebrate the Victory Day with their families, children and grandchildren. This could be done by people who have nothing human left – I have no doubts about it.

As for the tragedy in North Ossetia, I have not encountered such a villainous crime towards children before. I have not heard of similar crimes in human history. Remember the words of Russian writer and humanist Fedor Dostoevsky that  nothing is worty of a child’s tear. I want to look into the eyes of those Western and Russian journalists who still demonstrate their sympathy to those monsters. Will they dare to justify the bandits now? Today they committed the things which shocked the world.

Reporter. What are the consequences for North Caucasus region and entire Russia from this most terrible terrorist act in Russian history?

President Alkhanov. These bandits also have some other purposes. After every terrorist act, ordinary Chechens who are not involved in terrorism, who hate terrorism, com under the scrutiny of law-enforcers. Quite often, some people transfer their horror to terrorism to all Chechens. As a result, people who want to live on human values, who want to live in piece and raise children, suffer.

As a result, we all, Russians, get caught in a trap on the rod of the insidious purposes of the terrorists and their commanders.

Теrrorism has no nationality – everybody knows this. However, after every terrorist act, prosecution of people of some nationality takes place. We have information that people of different nationalities were in the terrorist gang which seized the school, but somehow it is emphasized that they are Chechen bandits.

I believe that the entire Chechen people cannot be blamed for the illegal and unnatural way pursued by some bandits. If the society starts prosecuting Chechens, it contributes to implementing the purposes the terrorists pursue. Chechens suffer from terrorism most of all.

I cannot call Basaev a Chechen. The fault of the Chechen people is that this bastard called himself a Chechen. I would like that he would not be associated with the Chechen people.
My condolences from me and the all Chechen republic to all the people of North Ossetia, all people of Russia. There is too much blood, deaths and suffer on our soil. This is our common pain.

I said from the very beginning that we in Chechen republic are ready to assist the victims in any way. There has been a wave of protests in Chechen republic against the terrorist act in Beslan. People are condemning terrorism. Our people are against terrorism. We are mourning with the entire country.

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Author`s name Evgeniya Petrova