Christian Science Monitor : USA, UN, UNO have to pressure Moscow

Present crisis in North Ossetia remains the main topic of the day for foreign media.

The Washington Post presents the following examples from the Russian recent history. “Little triumphant war,” led by Boris Yeltsin about 10 years ago for his own political purposes has resulted in tragedy for the entire region, writes the authoritative Western edition.

According to the Washington Post analysts, this war has not revealed a victor. Neither of the parties involved wish to surrender. More often random civilians fall victims to the conflict.

An article in The Guardian concerning the crisis talks about the fact that in case tensions in Beslan escalate, it may lead to a serious armed conflict in Caucasus. According to experts of the British edition, the existing situation can be resolved by means of peaceful talks with independent members of the Chechen opposition.
American Christian Science Monitor suggests the US, UN and UNO to increase their pressure on Moscow in order for the Russian capital to begin peaceful talks in Chechnya. CSM criticizes UNO resolution that condemn the terrorist act in Beslan.

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Author`s name Andrey Mikhailov