Russian carelessness attracts terrorists

We have no real security, and it is our own fault.
Russian Defense Minister Sergey Ivanov said that he does not rule out the possibility of new terrorist attacks, RIA-Novosti reported. “The explosion at Rizhskaya Metro Station is, unfortunately, neither the first terrorist act, nor, I am afraid, the last one. If fact, a war is being conducted against us where no enemy is seen and there is no frontline”, said Sergey Ivanov to reporters.

According to the Defense Minister, the entire world faced the terrorist threat, “Yesterday, simultaneously with the terrorist act at Rizhskaya Metro Station, two buses were exploded in Israel”. Sergey Ivanov said that one of the most efficient methods of fighting terrorism is increasing people’s alertness and “abandoning the calm joy outlook”. “Not only law-enforcers should work on this, although they will fight this threat”, said the Defense Minister.

I agree with Defense Minister Ivanov. One can complain again and again that the authorities do not care on our security, and left us alone facing terrorists, and say that the police patrols we are seeing after every terrorist attack, are just a show.

This is only partly true. The experts on security believe that the problem is about ourselves and our carelessness. Russian carelessness turns us into attractive targets. After the explosion of the apartment buildings on Gurianova Street and on Kashirskoe Highway, we had patience only for one week to lock the basements of our apartment buildings and arrange night watching of our yards…

The research of Levada Center demonstrated that 91% оf Russians believe that terrorist acts are inevitable, but only 27% think that they or their relatives can become victims of terrorist attacks.
The Newsweek published the results of the public opinion poll conducted last week in the USA by orders of MSNBC News and the Wall Street Journal. 41% of Americans believe that their security after 9/11 has been improved because the Americans get much information on what the authorities are doing for them and how they should protect themselves. This is the way the security policy in the Western countries has been pursued for 20 years. Yes, the 9/11 was not prevented, but at least they learned lessons from this and developed a new strategy of fighting domestic threat. In what are we worse, or we have security only for high-ranking officials? We remember how the Soviet propaganda machine worked, it was really the best in the world as most readers still remember wеll school lessons on military training. People were ready to stand against the enemy.

The experts of the Institute for Political and Military Analysis say the European Special Services spend 75% of their funds on instructing people: arranging training courses, issuing booklets with instructions and so on. We should follow this example.

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Author`s name Evgeniya Petrova