Russian people believe that President Putin remembers their needs and concerns

61 percent of Russians believe that Vladimir Putin is aware of the outlook within Russian society and of the concerns of Russian people.
People who most often think so, are those of 18-35 years of age (67 percent), people who graduated from technical school or from university (66 and 65 percent), ¬Сnd the residents of Moscow and the bigger cities (70% ¬Ъ 67%).

Meanwhile, more than Ёщ of the surveyed (28 percent) believe that the President is not aware of the peopleЎЇs concerns. This is the information of Public Opinion Foundation which conducted a public opinion poll on August 14 in 100 towns and cities of 44 regions of Russia. 1,500 people were surveyed.

The respondents were offered to answer a question what would they like to ask the Head of state about. 64% formulated their question to the president, 31% were unable to compose such a question, 5% said that they would not ask a question to the President.

Most of all Russians are concerned about social issues: problems about buying a house, getting education and health care services, problems of children and young people, problems of the overall social policy. 23% of the respondents would like to ask President Putin about this. Russians are also worried about economic problems: low salaries and pensions, low living standards. 22% of people want to ask the President a question on this.

18% of Russians want to question the President about the countryЎЇs economy:  the issue of unemployment, growing prices and tariffs, the problems of agriculture and industries.

5% of Russians would ask President Putin about the crime in the country, 2% - about the problems of Russian Army, 1% - about the situation in Chechnya, RussiaЎЇs foreign policy, the development of Russian regions.

Some of the respondents would like to ask Vladimir Putin about future of Russia (1%), ¬Сnd also about the President himself and his plans ("whether he is going to participate in the next Presidential campaign or not"; "how he manages to cope with his work load"; "whom he would like to see his successor" - 1%), Interfax reported.

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Author`s name Evgeniya Petrova