Death rate still high in Russia

Death rate still exceeds birth rate, although the number of live births is growing

The number of the jobless population in Russia in June of the current year reduced by only 0.1 percent vs. June of 2003, having made up five million seven hundred and forty thousand people. In percentage, it makes 7.9 of the economically active population, the Federal State Statistics Service reported.

The number of the officially registered unemployed gained 1.4 percent over the same period – up to one million five thousand and fifty-six people. About 334.5 thousand jobless people are registered in the state employment service of the Chechen republic.

The number of economically active population had made up 72.3 million people by the end of June 2004, which was close to 50 percent of the total number of the country's population. The Statistics Service said the vast majority of Russians work in large and medium-sized organizations. Almost 39 million people were employed in such companies in May of 2004 – 59 percent of the working people.

The number of steady population in the Russian Federation made up 143.8 million as of June 1st 2004. It has reduced by 0.25 percent since the beginning of the year (358,9 thousand people).

The number of babies born in January-May of the current year made up 615,5 thousand, having gained 0.9 percent vs. the same period of the last year. About 980,8 thousand people deceased – the natural population decrease in January-March of the current year made up 365,3 thousand, which was 11.3 percent as less as in January-May of 2003.

According to the State Statistics Service, the reduction of the population happened because of the natural decrease. The number of live births is growing in 53 Federation units. The monthly number of the deceased has been declining since the end of 2003 in 66 Russian regions. The death rate exceeds the birth rate 1.6 times in Russia as a whole. This figure is larger in 24 regions – up to 2.9 times. The growing birth rate in January-May of 2004 was registered only in 16 regions (it was seen in 13 regions over the same period of 2003).

The number of migrants within Russia raised by 11.3 thousand people in January-May of 2004, or by 1.5 percent vs. the same period of 2003. The Russian migration decreased by 13.7 thousand people. The reduction of the migratory growth was registered in all CIS members. 

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Author`s name Olga Savka