Russian oligarchs spend millions of dollars on luxury

Roman Abramovich buys Chelsea, Viktor Vekselberg buys Faberge Imperial Easter Eggs. So what?

Incredibly wealthy Russian men buy up gorgeous things from all over the world like Arab sheikhs. They do not advertise their shopping for understandable reasons. That is why nobody knows the price of the question. On the other hand, rumors about every super-expensive purchase spread very fast. It goes without saying that oligarchs have a lot of envious people.

The undisputable leader of the VIP shopping is Roman Abramovich. No other Russian has managed to buy so much in just several months. The notorious oligarch purchased a Boeing 767-300 – this jetliner can be compared to flying headquarters. Rumors say the plane will be comparable to Bush's presidential liner after it is outfitted accordingly in Switzerland. Abramovich also possesses three yachts: 72 million pounds worth Pelorus (132 meters long), Le Grand Bleu (J50 million, 117 meters long) and Ecstasy (100 meters long). Media tycoon Vladimir Gusinsky's yacht Fortune seemed to be a super boat in 1999. The yacht was 45 meters long, It was equipped with a satellite antenna and a jacuzzi. At present day it is a shame for an oligarch to rent a yacht shorter than 100 meters.

The London-based residence of Chelsea's owner is situated not far from the city center. The house is worth 47 million euros. Roman Abramovich has seven houses in Germany, France and Russia. In addition, Abramovich reportedly negotiates a deal to acquire several houses in an elite ski resort. The deal is evaluated in 220 million euros.

It has been recently rumored in Russia that Christie's sent an amazingly beautiful pink diamond to Moscow. The rumor said, a Russian wealthy person bought the diamond for $175 million. The name of the stone's owner has not been exposed.
Oil and gas magnate Viktor Vekselberg has a big passion for Faberge Imperial Easter Eggs. The oligarch has reportedly paid up to $120 million for his private collection of 18 Faberge eggs.

It has recently transpired, Senator Vavilov, the former owner of the oil company Severnaya Neft, purchased three diamonds for $100 million as a birthday present for his wife.

Viktor Vekselberg's partner L.Blavatnik has recently bought a mansion in London for 75 million pounds sterling. Roman Abramovich had his own views about the mansion situated not far from Kensington Palace. There are four dining rooms, ten bedrooms and nine bathrooms in the house. Abramovich has been keeping his eye on the mansion since spring. The oligarch was reportedly infuriated with the fact the mansion had been bought by someone else. It is a matter of honor for the owner of the oil company Sibneft to have an image of the coolest Russian in the West.

Last autumn it was said politician Konstantin Borovoy acquired a three-level penthouse with a pool and a winter garden in Moscow for $15 million. Such a purchase does not surprise anyone now. As a rule, Russian oligarchs spend the majority of their time abroad. A mansion in Moscow is like a comfortable hotel for them when they come to stay in Russia for a week or two.

Russian magnates liked Abramovich's idea of buying sports clubs. Suleiman Kerimov, the owner of the company Nafta-Moscow was intended to acquire the Italian football club Roma. Such 'shopping' was considered patriotic. However, for some unknown reason Nafta-Moscow paid $60 million to the football club Saturn, the Moscow region. Sibneft sponsored CSKA football team with $54 million.

Abramovich's fame has become irritating for many wealthy men. The name of the Russian businessman Fedorychev (the president of the company Fedcominvest) became famous when the French football team Monaco defeated Chelsea. As it turned out, the businessman was Monaco's main sponsor: he annually pays 3.5 million euros to the team. Furthermore, Fedorychev sponsors Dynamo football team. Fedorychev is reportedly intended to invest $150 million in the reconstruction of the Dynamo stadium in Moscow.

It has been recently rumored in Russia's Krasnodar region, aluminium tycoon Oleg Deripaska has paid six million dollars to acquire 50 percent of stocks of the local football club Kuban. Moreover, the oligarch's company purchased control stocks of the regional stud-farm. Thoroughbred English stud Akbash, the company's pride, costs a million dollars.

Consortium Alfa-Group spares a lot of money on Western music stars. Paul McCartney's fee for his recent show in St.Petersburg made up more than one million dollars. The company had to spend another million dollars on the organization of the show.

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Author`s name Olga Savka