Vladimir Putin to save the Union of former Soviet republics (CIS)

Coordinating Council on the issues of CIS will be established within Russian Security Council.
The entire Russian Security Council (law-enforcement department, economic department, law-makers) were discussing the issues of CIS at the special meeting.

They produced much criticism on the current state of affairs in the Commonwealth of Independent States.

Russian President Vladimir Putin said that CIS future is at stake, the Commonwealth can become either well-functioning and powerful structure, or it will be going down”.

As a rule, Russian regions do not have strong ties with the former Soviet republics, and Russian government and Foreign Ministry were criticized by Vladimir Putin for this. "There are no well-elaborated plans for this work, it lacks information and qualified personnel. Moreover, some government department consider this work as not very important”, said Vladimir Putin.

The President also dwelt on the issue of Russians living in the former Soviet republics. Vladimir Putin put forward the idea of opening Russian cultural centers where people could study the Russian language. "We should react, not keep silent when the rights of Russian people in other countries are violated. This reaction should be aimed at improving the lives of Russian people abroad”, said the President.

Source: Russian media

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Author`s name Evgeniya Petrova