Eye-witnesses speak about terrorist attack in Ingushetia

Witnesses of the attack in Nazran, Ingushetia are speaking on their details.
The terrorists planned every minute of their attack, said the Head of Administration of Karabulakh District Abraham Arsamakov.  In the evening the terrorists dressed in civilian clothes, silently entered the city from different directions, and laid an ambush in the three spots – around the buildings of Ingush Interior Ministry, the City Police Administration and Nazran Border Guards Unit. Simultaneously the terrorists entered the villages of Karabulak and Sleptsovskaya. Some walked, others went there by car. At 10:30 pm the militants started attacking all their three targets in Nazran, 30 minutes later the terrorist units in villages Karabulak and Sleptsovskaya continued the assault.

The terrorists cut off the electricity and the phone line and started the attack. The unit of the policemen being inside the Interior ministry building, was defending the building long, the policemen fired back at the terrorists. Even if the phone line worked, no reinforcement could be called as the building of the special police units was blocked by the terrorists as well. “There was real fight all night long”, said Argamakov. According to him, the reinforcement arrived only in the morning, and the terrorists were finally dispersed. However, no terrorist was detained. They were setting fire to the vehicles of the police and civilians while retreating in the neighboring areas.  “Currently the situation has become stable”, said the Head of Karabulakh District.

He failed to name the exact number of the terrorists, but estimated their number as “several hundreds because they conducted successful operations in the three districts”. Each of the terrorists was well-armed, many wore expensive uniform. One of the found militants was wearing “new uniform of the US Army Marine”. In Nazran, only using heavy weapons helped to stop the terrorists’ attack. Many building in the downtown were damaged, the building of the Interior Ministry had major damages as the militants fire from grenade cup discharges to it.

Local resident, the lady named Rosa said that her neighbor was had been killed by the terrorists. According to Rosa, the man worked as a post office chief, and after late meeting he was going home with his colleagues. The terrorists met them and killed on the road. “They killed them without saying a word. Innocent people!”

About 1pm the terrorists encountered the vehicle of NTV company crew. After hearing that there were reporters in the vehicle, the terrorists did not kill them and said that they are combatants who took over the power in the republic, and were going to fight against Russian military. Later it became known that 9 policemen were ambushed by the terrorists on the spot where they met with the reporters.

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Author`s name Evgeniya Petrova