Vladimir Putin: Inaguration-2004 (PHOTOS)

Vladimir Putin has been sworn in for his second term as the President of the Russian Federation Friday, May7th. The ceremony took place at the Great Kremlin Palace. The ceremony was less than an hour long.


Presidential cortege has arrived at the Great Kremlin palace early this morning. Russian security services and highway patrol did an excellent job organizing the president's ride to the Kremlin. All streets were kept clear of people and traffic. Upon his arrival, Putin has entered the Palace and started walking down the red carpet towards Andreyevsky hall.

As the chiming clock began striking the hour, Vladimir Putin stepped onto the podium and proclaimed the oath on the Russian Constitution. The oath consists of 33 words (in Russian). It is as follows: “I swear to respect and protect human rights and freedom of each citizen as President of the Russian Federation; follow and protect the Constitution of the Russian Federation, protect sovereignty and independence, security and unity of the government; loyally serve the people.”

Afterwards, the orchestra started playing Russian National Anthem while the Russian flag was simultaneously being hoisted atop the Kremlin Palace.

Then, after thanking everyone for their trust, the President said the following: “In accordance with the Constitution, I have just proclaimed the oath. What’s most important in it is –to protect the government and loyally serve the people. Henceforth, this will be sacred and of utmost importance to me. President's main job is to cherish the government and be loyal to his people. However, help and support of the Russian citizens are also incredibly important factors for the president.” He thanked everyone who had voted for his candidacy in the March 14 elections. “I will do everything I can to justify hopes of the millions of people,” declared the President.

“We will do everything we can to enable each person to exert one's talents, to ensure development of multi-party system and strengthening of freedom; to improve peoples’ lives so that they could bequeath their children the fruits of their labor; to make us proud of our authoritative, yet peaceful country.”

“We possess all capabilities for reaching such goals: resources, understanding, great intellectual potential of our people. Our predecessors have left us a vast, great country. The past gives us strength. However, not even the greatest power on earth will ever be able to ensure our great future. We need to apply our efforts to make our predecessors proud of the new pages that will be added to the biography of the Great Russia.”

The artillery salute has then commemorated Vladimir Putin's second term.

What will the president do in the first place after being sworn in for the second time? Respondents (37%) consider that the president's priority is improving people's welfare including increase of salaries and pensions. 43% of Russians are fearful that Putin may end up under negative influence of his surroundings and administer anti-people reforms. The rest wholeheartedly trusts the president and his politics.       

Sergey Belukhin

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Author`s name Andrey Mikhailov