Examination of “Peter the Great” missile cruiser: nuclear reactor is OK, discipline is bad

Many flaws were detected during the examination of Peter the Great missile cruiser.
The Commission of Russian Navy finished the ship check-up and pointed at the flaws related to  organizing the service on the ship and personnel military training.  

Lenta.ru quoted the source in the Navy that the number of the ship lodgers are maintained with violating the fleet regulations, some military posts and offices are maintained contrary to the regulations either. The only compartment which is a perfect order is the reactor compartment.
Currently Peter the Great is undergoing one month repair work. The cruiser commanders have a chance to put everything in order for this time. Northern Fleet Staff commanders believe that the flagship should meet the highest demands, RIA-Novosti reported.

Earlier, on March 23 Russian Northern Fleet Chief  Commander Admiral Vladimir Kuroedov stated that “Peter the Great” was in an extremely bad condition and can explode at any moment. Later the Admiral said that he had just meant that the ship compartments needed some repair works.

Some media wrote that the real cause for the Chief Commander’s statement was Admiral Igor Kasatonov’s testifying in the court hearings on sinking K-159 submarine. Igor Kasatonov denounced the Chief Commander in court, and he is an uncle of the cruiser’s commander Vladimir Kasatonov.

Kuroedov’s statement raised concerns about Russian nuclear safety, in the West. Probably later the Chief Commander realized that not only the cruiser   commander is responsible for the problems and the ship, and was quick to say that “his statement was misinterpreted”, Polit.ru reported.

Source: Information agencies

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Author`s name Evgeniya Petrova