First step to fight corruption: President Putin raised income for himself and government officials

In his new Decree, Russian President has increased his income up to the level of Spanish Prime Minister’s earnings: $61,833 per year.
Russian Prime Minister will earn $49,466 per year, Deputy Prime minister - $40,190, the Head of the President Administration - $37,516, Ministers - $37,100.

Incomes of government officials have been increased by 3,6-12 times.

The salaries of officials were increased only by 1.5 times. However, from now on officials will receive bonuses every month. The new Decree increased earnings of the officials working in the central apparatus of Russian authorities (10 percent of 350 thousand federal officials), but stated that the incomes of all other federal officials would be increased as well.

The Decree is a real breakthrough. Previously, the pay system for the government officials did not give the honest person the opportunity to work for the government. Those willing to make money by using their authority or the people having no better jobs, were the bulk of the government employees. Certainly, 30,000 roubles ($1,000) and 50,000 roubles per month is still a low salary for the Deputy Head and the Head of the government department. However, this is real money at least. Earlier they earned only one fourth of this sum. Today the honest professional can be attracted with such posts: in addition to increased income, he/she will have the state benefits for officials and prestige. The new Decree itself does not solve the problem of corruption, but it is a real step on the way to solution of this problem.

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Author`s name Evgeniya Petrova